Astrologer, Astrology Lecturer, Astrological Writer, Teacher of Motivation and Astrology Classes, Private Practice in the Art & Science of Astrology, founder of Visualizations Publishing

The Boston Globe talks to Joyce about Astrology

Joyce Levine, nationally acclaimed Astrological Consultant, astrology lecturer, and astrological author, provides individuals with information to help them make informed life decisions. Clients receive valuable insight and advice into their personal and professional lives.

By evaluating an individual’s birth chart (also known as a natal chart, or more commonly an astrology chart), Joyce can determine whether it’s a good time to make an investment, start a new business, or change jobs or career direction. Through a psychological perspective, she leads clients toward developing a clearer awareness into their own personality traits, both positive and negative.

Joyce’s unique approach combines the science of Astrology and its planetary influences with a keen intuitive sense. Non-judgmentally, she identifies innate characteristics and needs that drive motivation, fear, conflict, and struggle. Her astrological insights have been described as “remarkably accurate.” She has helped thousands of astrology clients reach their potential by guiding them past personality tendencies that might otherwise work against them and teaching them how to compensate for their weaknesses and maximize their strengths.

Joyce’s career as an Astrological Consultant spans 40 years. She is the past Chair of the NCGR National Council for Geocosmic Research and the past President of its Boston Chapter. She has been a professional member of the American Federation of Astrologers since 1979 and is the former President of the New England Astrological Association.  In 2012 Joyce won the prestigious United Astrology Conference Award for organizational service in the astrological community. 

An accomplished media personality, Joyce is a former  talk show host

Joyce is active on the astrology speaker’s circuit and addresses professional associations, civic and college groups and other business organizations. She also facilitates Workshops for Creative Living, which focuses on balancing goals and achievements with spiritual development, and teaches astrology privately and in group astrology settings.

Joyce is the author of Breakthrough Astrology, Transform Yourself and Your World and A Beginner's Guide to Astrological Interpretation, and Meditation CD Series:  Self-Help Series:  Chakra Meditation, Creative Visualization, Healing Anger and Resentment, Contacting Your Guardian Angel.  Astrology Series:  Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter.   For more information on products, go to Professional Astrologer. 40 years experience. Books, CD's, Reports

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