Stress Management

Cognitive Restructuring

Stress is impossible to avoid, and its sources vary. Stress may have roots in one’s personal and professional life as well. One thing is certain -- if there is both personal stress AND professional stress, it becomes key that individuals are given the tools necessary to diffuse and manage stress in order to carry on.

The act of managing stress results from a strategic decision to make a positive and lasting change in how one approaches life. It is a skill that, once mastered, can be a key asset in the ability to achieve goals of all kinds, both personal and professional.

Each participant receives a stress Management workbook.


Meditation is a proven and well established coping strategy that anyone can develop with proper instruction. It results in improved concentration, reduced blood pressure, increased calm, and can play an important role in the recovery of physical conditions as well. People who meditate regularly can deal more easily with both crisis situations, and the daily stresses that go with the territory of a high-paced work environment.

Each participant receives a Meditation tape.


Unlike meditation, where the goal is to “let go of destructive stress and anxiety”, visualization is a creative process, intended to turn ideas into images that are intended to achieve a tangible result. For example, one might use this skill to prepare for a job interview, improve a golf stroke, help build confidence in public speaking, or event assist in quitting smoking or other habit. Regardless of the goal, visualization techniques have proven to be an powerful and effective means to achieve desired change in all aspects of life.

Each participant receives a Visualization tape.