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Astrological Consultation

Regular Astrology Updates and Intermediate Astrological Consultations

Update your astrology chart at least twice a year

The purpose is to look at cycles, current and future. Knowing how planetary cycles affect you allows you to take action at the best time to achieve positive results. Taking the same action at the wrong time produces unfavorable results—or no results at all.

Life is cycles, and cycles are predictable.

Knowing what's coming allows you to plan appropriately. During favorable cycles, you can better take advantage of opportunities. Given human nature, when things are good, we tend to sit back. After all, life is enjoyable, so we're content. Yet this is exactly the time to reach for more as the universe is saying "yes."

By knowing when less favorable cycles are coming, you can take steps ahead of time to mitigate what might be the worst effects. If you're in the middle of difficult times, you get insights into what you need to do to handle situations more effectively.

No matter what is going on, life is easier when you realize that whatever it is, it's normal for that period of time.

Here's a sample of what your planetary cycles tell you:
  • Turning Points: Are you ready for change and want to know when you have the best options.
  • Career: Are you in for difficulties, and if so, what can you do about them? Or is this the time for advancement, and how can you best go about it—look for a promotion, change employers, start your own business?
  • Finances: What is the likelihood of making more of less money this year? Are you better off with a secure job, or working on your own? How will your investments do?
  • Relationships: What is the likelihood meeting someone new? Are existing relationships with your boss, lover, spouse, or family members likely to be harmonious? Or are difficulties about to arise, and if they are, what can you do about them?
  • Health: Are you healthy or are there potential problems you should watch out for?
  • Travel, Adventure, Fun: When is the best time to take that vacation you've always dreamed of?
  • Spirituality: Is this the time to meditate, read spirituality articles or books, use creative visualization to enhance your life?

Intermediate Astrology Consultations

Intermediate astrology consultations are ideal when you're contemplating major cycles, when you want to look at an area of your life more closely, when an opportunity comes up suddenly and you want to assess its worth, or you are in the midst of difficult cycles and want a clearer grasp on how to handle them.

Intermediate consultations can be used to answer specific questions. If you are offered a job or you meet someone new, drawing up a chart for that moment—called an horary chart—tells you what's likely to happen.

Intermediate astrological consultations help when:
  • A specific opportunity or crisis arises suddenly.
  • You want to more fully explore how you can best utilize your talents.
  • You want to more fully explore what's holding you back in a particular situation or area of life.
  • You want to get a better grasp on the interaction between your basic nature—your innate personality as reflected in your birth chart—and your current cycles.
  • You want greater insight as how to better control what's going on in your life now.
  • You suddenly meet someone new and want to know about the possibilities.
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