Business Astrology Consultations

Profit by Having an Astrological Business Analysis

What is Business Astrology and How Can It Improve My Bottom Line?

Changes in the economy mean problems for some and prosperity for others. An astrological consultation specifically designed for your business gives you a competitive edge because you know what's coming ahead of time. This allows you to prepare for it—whether that means recognizing and taking advantage of opportunities or avoiding pitfalls.

Here's How Business Astrology Works

Businesses have charts, just as people have. A business astrology consultation is based upon the time you started your business. This may be the date you opened your business, the incorporation date, or both. The business astrology chart shows the strengths and weaknesses of the business; and by using astrological cycles, it forecasts what you can expect to happen in the future.

For small businesses and sole proprietors, we combine looking at the business' astrology chart with the astrology chart of the owner. For medium size and larger businesses, we would also consider the astrological charts of key personnel who are in decision-making roles.

For new businesses, we would actually choose the date and time you incorporate or open your business to coincide with the best astrological timing for your success.

Maximize your profits by knowing the answers to such questions as:

General Business Questions

  • What is the likelihood of making more money this year?
  • When is the best time to find new clients, expand operations, or seek venture capital money?
  • When will an advertising campaign be most effective?
  • How do I plan for economic downturns?
  • How can I anticipate what employee problems may arise?
  • What are the obstacles preventing growth and how can I overcome them?
  • Who is likely to help you?

People: Employees, Partners, Customers

When it comes to dealing with people, their birthdays can tell you what their resumes don't.

  • How to hire the best employees, improve morale, and reduce turnover.
  • How to predict the success of potential partnerships.
  • How to best gain trust of particular customers.
  • How You Influence Your Business

How You Influence Your Business

Your astrological chart represents a picture of your life potential. Knowing that picture helps you understand how you create, and why you react to, circumstances the way you do. It helps you plan for the future with the knowledge of how coming cycles will effect you – in your business and in your personal life.

Gain Perspective On:

  • Your prime motivations – why you do what you do and how this influences your business decisions. (This may or may not be why you think you do what you do.)
  • Your talents and abilities; what comes naturally; what you have to work at. Objectivity entails acknowledging your talents as well as recognizing what you need to improve, or what you might want to hire someone else to do.
  • Your relationships: friends, family, business associates—what kind of people you attract and are attracted to and how you get along with them.
  • Your business and money—your natural inclinations in making and handling money;
  • Your ability to resolve problems—when and how to tackle important issues in your business and personal life;
  • Cycles – knowing what's coming and planning for it.


“As the owner of a small business, one of my greatest challenges has been to find and keep good employees. In working with Joyce, I realized that I had unrealistically high expectations of not only myself, but of the people who work for me. I am now much more aware of this when I deal with employees, and turnover has diminished dramatically.”
– Book Store Owner

"I began using Joyce Levine's astrological advice over 15 years ago after learning that Fortune 500 companies were using astrology when making major decisions. During these many years I have enthusiastically pursued expansion of my restaurant, remodeled the entire facility, purchased new equipment, and signed contracts after consulting with Joyce, but only when she had indicated a most favorable and opportune time. I have also avoided major cash outlays when she cautioned that conditions were not appropriate.

One consultation saved me thousands of dollars and possibly from financial ruin. It involved a partnership opportunity with a former employee. We were to open a new restaurant. We negotiated with a builder, engaged a design engineer, developed a menu, and hired a lawyer to represent us. As the deadline for signing the agreement approach, I called Joyce seeking her advice on a closing date.

She sensed my enthusiasm for the venture, but stressed the very unfavorable aspects in my chart for this or any other venture outside my existing business. After careful analysis and despite great pressure to do otherwise, I did not sign the agreement and today the site of the proposed mall is still undeveloped. You recall the real estate and banking crisis of the late 80s. Joyce had foreseen pending disaster; her interpretation of my chart together with the elements impacting the economy enabled me to avoid financial disaster.
– Restaurant Owner, Harvard MBA

What's the next step?

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If you've never had a business astrology consultation before, the best thing is to call or email Joyce with the information outlined in the above paragraphs, and set up an appointment.

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