Astrological Coaching

Within each of us, there's a vision of the life we'd like to have

Astrological Coaching is designed to help you recognize and achieve that vision.

The astrological benefit to coaching is that we can work on exactly what you're going through at a given moment -- why you feel the way you do, what's going on in your life now, why it's time to make changes, or why you're having trouble moving forward. Understanding all this makes it easier for you to move through your obstacles and attain your goals.

Ways to Use Astrological Coaching Include

Improve existing relationships or creating new ones.
Gain greater career satisfaction-in the job you have or a new one.
Earn more money.
Have greater self-acceptance, more self-esteem.
Become healthier -- physically and psychologically.
Overcome limiting beliefs and long-term obstacles.

Here's How It Helps

Get in touch with what you really want in life.
Set goals that actually happen.
Create a plan to move forward with accountability and the benefit of astrological timing.
Come up with strategies to help you avoid getting stuck or stopping before you reach your goals.
Feel supported as you move through challenges.
Have compassion for yourself on your journey.

Here's what people who have been coached have to say:

"Thanks to Joyce's help, I'm making more money than I ever thought possible."
Boston MD
"I've learned to accept that I'm not like everyone else--and actually enjoy being me."
Newton housewife
"After years of being alone after a difficult divorce, I now have an unbelievably wonderful relationship. I didn't think it was possible."
Marketing Consultant

Call and let's discuss whether astrological coaching is for you.

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