Family Astrology Consultations

Family relationships, like all relationships, are based upon what each of person is like individually and how you then mesh together. Family astrology consultations provide a detached perspective that helps you better understand yourself and family members in a nonjudgmental fashion.

As a husband or wife, parent, child, or sibling, you have certain predetermined ways of relating. Your astrology chart provides the lens through which look at the world. A family consultation shows you the way you naturally relate to other people, where your family fits into your expectations, and where you fit into theirs. It helps individual members to better understand their talents and innate problems, as well as the talents and problems of those around them.

Astrology charts show family patterns that get passed down from generation to generation. Just as children inherit genes from both sides of the family, innate abilities as well as difficult traits as shown by astrological patterns, are also passed down.

Sometimes traits that are passed down mirror the parents. Sometimes they are more like a favorite aunt, uncle, or grandparent. Sometimes they mirror the black sheep of the family. How a parent relates with a child is affected by who the child mirrors and the parent's relationship with that person. This is particularly important to understand if you are divorced and have a child who "takes after" your ex or if you had a particularly difficult relationship with a parent and your child is "just like" that parent.

The child who is most like you is the one that you either have a fabulous relationship with or a terrible one—depending upon your reaction to viewing your traits in another. The same is true for if you are a child looking at a parent.

And relationships among siblings get thrown into the mix. While the ideal is to see siblings get along, grow up, and stay close to one another, this may or may not happen. This consultation helps you as parents better understand each child's needs and how to foster sibling's relationships with one another, based upon what each of them is like individually.

Who has family astrology consultations?
  • Parents (or grandparents) who are committed to finding the best way they can nurture their child's potential.
  • Parents (or grandparents) who want to insure the best possible relationships among siblings.
  • Parents (or grandparents) desirous of finding ways to handle and motivate a "problem" child.
  • Couples getting divorce concerned about effects on their children.
  • Adult children who want to understand, and come to terms with, the family dynamics they were brought up with.
  • Adults that want to know how to best care for elderly parents.
  • Siblings who want to get along better or work through relational difficulties.

What you'll discover:

  • The role you play in influencing family dynamics.
  • How your relationship with your spouse, for better or worse, affects your children.
  • How to make unconscious patterns conscious, so that you avoid negatively influence family dynamics.
  • How to best help your children overcome their personal obstacles and develop their natural talents.
  • How you as a parent can foster positive relationships among siblings.
  • How to approach family members in order to get the most out of the relationship.
  • How to recognize when you've done all you can.

What's the next step?

If you've never had an astrology consultation before, the best thing is to call Joyce with accurate information including your date, time, and place of birth. Even if you don't know it off hand, this information may be in public, hospital or family records.

For returning clients, simply call or email for an appointment.

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