Relationship Astrology Consultations

"When people show you who they really are, believe them."
–Maya Angelo

Any relationship, whether it's business or personal, is based on two factors: what each person is like individually, and what they are like together. This relationship astrology consultation gives you a detached perspective that helps you better understand yourself and significant others. If you both come in for the consultation, each of you is first seen individually; then you are seen together. If only you come in, you will gain perspective of the other person's point of view as well as your own.

You look at the world through your own lens, based upon your astrology chart. And so does every other person. Most of us believe that other people, particularly those we are the closest to, should see the world the same way we do. However, unless they are our astral twins (born on the same date, at the same time, and in the same place of birth that we were), this doesn't happen. We better our relationships by recognizing our own lens. Our astrology charts show our ideals, our hopes, our needs, our motivations, our fears. In romance it shows the way we give and want to receive love. In business, as well as more personal relationships, our astrology chart shows how we handle our responsibilities, relate to partners, or deal with authority figures, and what we expect from others. It also shows how family patterns, for better or worse, influence our outlook.

Once you see how your personal patterns influence relationships, you are ready to look at another person and see exactly the same things. You can then assess the worth of the relationship, taking into consideration where you are simpatico and where problems lie. You are better able to consider relational strong points and weak points when you understand each perspective. Problems arising from differing needs or points of view may be resolvable or not, but ideally you will see them clearly rather than simply seeing yourself as "right" and the other as "wrong," or vice-versa.

This Relationship Consultation Helps You Improve Your Love Relationships By Recognizing (Among Other Things):
  • The potential of a new relationship.
  • How unconscious patterns, family or otherwise, influence your romantic choices and those of your partner, and how to best handle them.
  • The way you and your significant other give and want to receive love—which may or may not be the same—and how to understand differences, if there are any.
  • How you and your significant other view responsibilities and finances; how differences, if any, impact the relationship; and how to manage them.
  • How differences, if any, over your values impact the relationship, and how to find a median ground.
  • If encountering difficulties, determine whether they are based upon current, transitory planetary cycles or whether they represent deeper issues that need to be addressed.
Relationship consultation also helps improve Business or Professional Relationships By Recognizing:
  • What it takes to succeed with a particular person.
  • Whether you and a prospective partner are a good fit.
  • The best work environment for you and the type of people you most enjoy being around.
  • How unconscious patterns, family or otherwise, influence the way you interact with authority figures, co-workers, or partners; how they do the same; and where expectancies match or collide.
  • Your attitude toward responsibilities and money, and how this meshes with the attitudes of a boss, co-work, or partner.
  • How to approach your boss, co-worker, or partner to get the most out of the relationship.

Here's How Joyce's Services Have Helped:

My parents told me they would disinherit me and have nothing to do with me if I married my fiancé. As an only child who grew up in a close, ethnic, and wealthy family, family was everything to me. Joyce compared my astrology chart to my husband's and said we were as close to a perfect match as possible. I married my fiancé. Eventually, my parents came around. Now my parents love my husband and treat him like the son they never had.
– Happy Wife and Daughter

I consulted Joyce when I met my second husband. She warned me that I was not in a good decision-making timeframe—that I was seeing situations as rosier than they were--and suggested I wait until my 'Neptune' transits were over before making anything permanent. I didn't listen and got married. I was getting divorced during the timeframe Joyce suggested I wait for. When I met my current fiancé, I consulted Joyce again, and this time I listened. And by the way, this time the timing was right, and I've never been happier.
– Second Divorce

I've had a great marriage for years. I make significantly more money than my husband, but it was never a problem until it came to retirement planning. Joyce helped us both to see that we had been in denial about finances for a long time. We're now working it out—and still very much married.
– Healthy Marriage

Joyce's counsel saved me lots of money by warning me about a potential partner's unreliability.
– Making Money on My Own

What's the next step?

If you've never had an astrology consultation before, the best thing is to call Joyce with accurate information including your date, time, and place of birth. Even if you don't know it off hand, this information may be in public, hospital or family records.

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