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Joyce's astrological services analyze your astrology chart & astrological cycles in depth.

Astrological charts can be drawn up for individuals, couples, families, children, businesses, and even pets.

Initial Astrology Consultation

This is a two-hour session that analyzes three aspects of your astrological identity

1. Birth Chart

A picture of your life potential, including your talents and abilities, career potential, money-making capabilities, family, relationships, values, problem areas and what you can do about them. This portion of the consultation gives you a better understanding of yourself: why you are the way you are and what you can do with your natural potential.

Calculate your chart for free, and read a free mini-astrological interpretation.

2. Astrological Progressions

A study of the slow changes that occur in you and your personality as you grow older. This astrological discussion shows you how you can learn from seemingly random experiences and use that knowledge to enrich and fulfill your life.

3. Current Astrological Cycles

A look at your current a nd upcoming astrological cycles. (Life's cycles are predictable.) This session tells you what's coming so you can plan ahead to take advantage of favorable astrology cycles and mitigate the effects of less favorable ones.

Learn more about your birth chart, progressions, and astrological cycles in the initial astrology consultation.

Business Astrology Consultation

Businesses have charts, just as people have

The business astrology consultation analyzes a business in terms of its astrology cycles and those of its owners and managers. The combination of these factors determine business cycles from an astrological standpoint. During changes in the economy some people prosper while others have problems. This astrological consultation enables you to look ahead, both personally and in terms of your business so you can appropriately plan your strategy.

Update Astrological Charts

Astrology updates are recommended twice a year

The purpose of an astrological update is to look at astrological cycles, current and future. Knowing how planetary cycles affect you allows you to take action at the best time to achieve positive results. Taking the same action at the wrong time produces unfavorable results—or no results at all.

Intermediate Astrological Consultations

Intermediate astrology consultation is ideal in three situations:

Difficult astrological cycles; when you're contemplating major astrological cycles; or, when you want to look at an area of your life more closely. Intermediate astrology consultations help you understand the interaction between your basic nature—your innate personality as reflected in your birth chart—and your astrology cycles. Ways of dealing with either basic traits or astrology cycles can be worked out to give you greater control over yourself and your astrology cycles. Intermediate astrological consultations can be used to answer specific questions. If you are offered a job or you meet someone new, drawing up an astrology chart for that moment — called an horary chart — tells you what's likely to happen.

Relationship Astrology Consultations

Any relationship, whether it's business or personal, is based on two factors: what each person is like individually, and what they're like together. This relationship astrology session provides a detached way of looking at people who are significant in your life. You can then assess the worth of the relationship, taking into consideration its strong points and weak points. If both parties in a relationship come in for the session, each is first seen in an individual astrology consultation; then they are seen together. If only one person comes, he or she will still gain the perspective of the other person's point of view.

Family Astrology Consultations

Husbands and wives, parents and children have certain predetermined ways of relating to each other. This family astrology session shows you the way you naturally relate to other people, where your family fits into your expectations, and where you fit into theirs. A family astrology consultation also helps individual members to better understand their talents and innate problems, as well as the talents and problems of those around them.

Children's Astrology Consultations

A person is a reflection of his or her astrology chart from the moment of birth. Innate differences in children usually can be seen while they're still in the crib. The children's astrology consultation helps parents understand their children's needs more clearly, to encourage them in the right direction, and to see themselves through their children's eyes. Astrology consultations for parents — whether their children are newly born, forty years old, or somewhere in between — give parents an understanding of their children that is divorced from their own expectations.

Astrological Consulting Services

$150 per consulting hour +
$50 for preparation of each astrology chart
(First time astrology appointment typically 2 hours $350)

To Make An Astrology Appointment

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