Modern stargazers meet in Cambridge to explore their ancient calling

By Renee Graham

Joyce Levine knows what people think about the ancient science of astrology, the study of how the movement of planets, moon, sun and stars relate to and affect happenings here on Earth.
"They think of some ditsy broad worried about her love life. That's not what astrology is," she said. "The people who use astrology are different from the perception of those who use astrology."
Levine should know. She has been an astrologer for 20 years, and counts among her clients college students, professionals and business owners who often look to the stars and planets for guidance.
Some of those people are likely to attend this weekend's annual astrology conference at the Howard Johnson Hotel in Cambridge, open to the public and sponsored by the National Council for Geocosmic Research. The theme of the conference is "Exploring the Psychological & Mythological Roots of Astrology.
Though the conference may be examing the roots of astrology, it will also provide a glimpse into astrology as it is practiced today - with computers and software, technical devices, and in the business and financial worlds.
"It's not so much that astrology has changed, it's

that people are starting to find out what astrology is about," said Levine, one of the conference's organizers and a member of the local NCGR advisory board

Joyce Levine, above, a Cambridge astrologer, says the enterprise has gone high tech. "If my computer broke down, I'd cancel appointments until it was fixed.

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