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History never exactly repeats itself, but rather it rhymes (Mark Twain)

Cycles of Uranus, Pluto. and Hades

Joyce Levine

(a revised copy of this article was published in the NCGR Spring 2012 Journal)


As we watch what's going on in the world and try to make sense of it, we look to planetary cycles.  The transits of the outer planets show us how social, political, and economic trends are likely to both recur and change over the years. 


Current Cycles – the Conditions


We predict what's likely to happen during particular planetary cycles by understanding the meanings of the planets in the signs and the aspects among them.  A look back at history shows us what happened in the past during particular planetary configurations.  We recognize that the world changes so that the socio-economic conditions of the current times will be different than that of the past and that the entire previous planetary picture cannot be repeated.


The Chinese saying "May you live in interesting times" applies to the current planetary cycles.  From 2012 through 2015, transiting Uranus in Aries will form seven exact squares to transiting Pluto in Capricorn.  This follows, and coincides with, transiting Uranus forming five exact squares to the transiting TransNeptunian planet Hades in Cancer during 2010 and 2011.


To understand the implications of these planetary configurations, let's look at each of them individually, examine what has happened in the past during these cycles, and then examine the likely present repercussions of these aspects cumulatively. 


Uranus is the planet that represents individuality, truth, and rebellion.  Its positive urgings help to break through barriers (likely to be Saturn's creations).  In a societal context these urgings challenge the social structure and ideally help to create new realities that are more just than those they destroy.  Its negative urgings incite freedom at the expense of responsibility.  It can bring forth radical behavior and cold detachment.  The aftermath of revolutions such as Stalin's purges in Russia represents Uranus gone amuck. 


By nature, Uranus fits well in Aries.  Aries is the sign of the individual.  Aries is associated with a "me first" attitude in what's not always a complimentary way.  But that can also mean being the first to take up what might be unpopular positions, to have the courage to veer from the crowd, to follow a personal sense of right and wrong regardless of potential consequences.  Aries is the sign of the warrior, the bravery of the individual soldier who despite peril is willing to be the first soldier over the hill.  Uranus in Aries by itself would signify changes in the status quo.  With Uranus here, the trend is for people to want the freedom to direct the course of their lives.  Pioneering ideas flourish.  Previously held definitions of the way things are supposed to be would, at a minimum, be questioned.  Uranus has an 84-year cycle and remains in a sign for 7 years.  It entered Aries in May 2010. 


Pluto in mythology was the god of the underworld.  It represents hidden power, the force of will, and focused attention.  Its positive urgings are to understand through knowledge and to seek wisdom and transformation.  Its negative expression represents the destructive side of power and control, including death and annihilation.   Atomic energy, discovered at the same time as Pluto, provides a perfect metaphor.  Atomic energy can provide heat and warmth or it can utterly destroy the earth.  Pluto represents the cycles of nature: birth, growth, decay, and death, and ultimately, rebirth or transformation. 


Pluto represents not only our personal underworld – that which is hidden from our individual consciousness – but the underworld of the society at large.  During its trek through each sign, the dark sides of that sign surface so that they can be transformed.  


Capricorn is the sign associated with hard work, duty, responsibility, and conservatism and tradition.  It represents doing what's correct, but what's correct is defined by the past rather than the future.  Capricorn represents, among other things, the status quo, government, and big business.  Pluto, as the ruler of Scorpio and the eighth house, has to do with banks and other people's money.  Pluto takes 248 years to travel around the Zodiac and due to its erratic orbit does not spend an equal amount of time in each sign.  Pluto's trek through Capricorn began in 2008 and remains until 2024.  Pluto's last trek through Capricorn coincided with the beginning of the Revolutionary War and the end of Great Britain's authority over the colonies.  This placement has special meaning for the United States as Pluto was in Capricorn in the founding chart.  Pluto in Capricorn highlights the destructive power of governments and big business and the links between them.


Hades is the TransNeptunian planet that most closely resembles Pluto's symbolism.  Hades represents the principle of disintegration.  It's associated with breakdown and loss, ruins, slums, the seamy side of life.  Hades is associated with those "less fortunate."  Hades is outside the orbit of Pluto and spends approximately 30 years in each sign.  Hades first entered Cancer on August 1, 2010, and remains there until July, 2041.  Cancer is the sign associated with home, family, and motherhood.  The ideas of home and family can be expanded to include clan, ethnic group, or country. 


So currently Uranus (revolution and rebellion) is triggering Hades (those less fortunate), and Pluto (death and rebirth). 


The Past


Uranus - Pluto


First, let's consider aspects between Uranus and Pluto.  Aspects between Uranus and Pluto have to do with unconventional behavior, fanaticism, anarchy, and freedom from oppression.  This results in social unrest.  Conflict between the haves and have nots increases.  Shifts in consciousness become more likely as do rebellions and revolutions.


Uranus – Pluto Square 1930s


The last time Uranus and Pluto formed transiting squares was from 1932 to 1934.  Uranus was in Aries and Pluto in the cardinal sign of Cancer.  Cancer on a societal level represents one's country.  Differing responses of the United States and Germany to this planetary configuration show the possibility of extremely varied manifestations.  Financial crises and social unrest in the United States resulted in reforms that benefited the society and protected future generations.  Crises in Germany brought about state-inflicted genocide, during which more than 6,000,000 Jews were killed. 


1932 to 1934 marked the depths of the Great Depression.  After Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929, the United States stock market declined 89%.  Unemployment rose from 3.2% in 1929 to 24.9% in 1933.  Bank failures wiped out savings for millions of Americans.  (Bank deposits were not insured.)  Homes and farms were foreclosed.  Homeless people built shacks and formed shantytowns, which were called "Hoovervilles" out of bitterness toward President Herbert Hoover's policies against direct intervention in the economy. 


The 1932 election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt provided a change in the status quo and a new direction for the United States.  The New Deal produced programs designed to reduce unemployment by providing public works jobs; to assist agriculture by raising farm prices and paying farmers not to grow surplus crops, and to regulate banking and the stock market. 


Important legislation was passed to prevent future speculation.  The Glass Steagall Act of 1933 separated commercial and investment banking activities.  Excessive risk by commercial banks had been a major cause of the stock market crash.  Banks had not only invested their own assets, but sold new issues to the public, as well as issuing unsound loans to companies in which they had invested.  Bank clients were encouraged to invest in those same companies.  (Sound familiar?) 


Glass Steagall set up a firewall between commercial and investment bank activities.  Only 10% of a commercial bank's total income could stem from securities, with the exception of government bonds.  This, in essence, meant that banks could not speculate with depositor money.  (At the behest of Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin during President Bill Clinton's administration, Glass Steagall was dramatically gutted by Congress under the Gramm-Leach-Biley Act of 1999.  Upon leaving Clinton's administration, Rubin went to work for Citigroup, a bank that directly benefited from this repeal.  Rubin's compensation from Citigroup was reported as over $17,000,000 and $33,000,000 in stock options as of 2008.)


Adolph Hitler's rise to power in Germany shows the extremely detrimental possibilities of the Uranus – Pluto square.  Germany was devastated by sanctions placed on it by the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.  Pre-war Germany was broken up, and Germany was forced to make reparation payments for all civilian damages of World War I.  This created economic chaos, which led to Hitler's rise. 


The collapse of the Weimar Republic during the Great Depression of the1930s gave Hitler the opportunity to build the Nazi Party.  Mein Kampf , written in the 1920s, had targeted democrats, communists, and internationalists, and especially Jews, whom he portrayed as responsible for all the problems of the world, particularly Germany's defeat in World War I.  He portrayed the German people as one of racial purity, destined to be the master race.  By eliminating the Jews, Germany could take its natural place as a superior culture.


In 1933, Hitler became the Fuhrer, or leader, of all of Germany.  The first to be sent to the Buchenwald Concentration Camp were political enemies and the intelligentsia.  Disabled and mentally retarded were sent to hospitals, sterilized and later killed.  Jewish businesses were boycotted and Jews were removed from civil service positions.  Then anyone with a Jewish parent or grandparent was removed from practicing law, banking, medicine, and journalism.  All non-Nazi organizations were banned.  Manufacturing conglomerates supported the Nazis as they advocated rearmament.  Some bankers supported the Nazis believing they would gain the freedom to trade.  Without the union of capitalism and Nazism, the Nazi party could never have controlled Germany.  Hitler then turned to conquering Europe and exterminating Jews.


Economic chaos can lead seemingly ordinary people into unthinkable acts.  In Germany, the Uranus – Pluto square manifested as "us versus them."  "Us" was first defined as the purity of the German race and ultimately the Nazi Party.  "Them" was any other group.  Pluto's placement in Cancer intensified the idea of "us."

 Uranus-Pluto Conjunction 1960s


Transiting Uranus and Pluto formed exact conjunctions in Virgo 1965 and 1966.  The conjunction of two planets indicates a new beginning for their energy.  Uranus, the rebellious planet of change, conjoining Pluto, the planet of transformation, brought forth many cultural changes.  Uranus stands for freedom.  Pluto rules, among other things, sexual drive.  Virgo is the sign that represents, among other things, work and day-to-day activities.


Termed the "consciousness revolution," the Sixties were a time of political and social upheaval.  Young people challenged traditional values of older generations.  Baby boomers, termed "mystical militants" by writer Michael Harrington, sought to purify institutions by "righteous fire."  The hippie subculture of sex, drugs, and rock and roll took root.  (Neptune was in Scorpio at this time.)


Social revolution swept the nation.  Members of the counterculture movement initially were primarily white upper class youth.  They were the first American generation who had sufficient leisure time to be concerned about social issues—civil rights, the Viet Nam War, women's rights, sexual liberation.  They rejected the materialistic view of the American dream in favor of more spiritual ideals.


The New Left was formed as counterculture and anti-establishment. Speaking for the New Left were the Students for Democratic Society (SDS) which attacked racial bigotry, poverty, and nuclear weapons.  SDS supported Lyndon Johnson in his run for presidency as his Great Society program embodied their beliefs.  But as the Viet Nam War escalated, SDS changed its focus.  The Free Speech Movement, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Anti-War Movement joined forces.  Protests on college campuses and marches on Washington ensued.  Civil disobedience became the order of the day.


During this timeframe communal living communities formed.  Experimentation in psychedelic drugs spread across college campuses.  Greenwich Village in New York and Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco became centers for those dropping acid and dropping out.  "You can't trust anyone over 30" became the mantra of the day.  This youth movement, started in the United States, spread worldwide.


The Civil Rights Movement occurred simultaneously.  Civil rights had begun to make headway in the 1950s with the Supreme Court decision of Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka regarding school desegregation, but the movement began in earnest in the 1960s.  College students and feminists began supporting civil rights.  Race riots spread throughout the United States.  Backlash came from groups like the Klu Klux Klan, who fought back, targeting civil rights workers.  Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy were assassinated.   


The Feminist Movement came into its own around the same time.  The National Organization for Women was founded. Betty Friedan published The Feminine  Mystique.  Women demanded gender equality:  equal pay for equal work (the Virgo emphasis).  The most profound societal change was in the perception of sexually differentiated roles.  In the early 1960s a commonly held perception of what was called "natural differences" existed.  Males were heads of households.  The male went to work and supported the family. The female stayed home, took care of the household, and cared for the children.  This was seen as the natural order of things and legitimized divisions of labor between the sexes. Women, for all practical purposes, were powerless. Divorce was not an option as women could not support themselves. 


The Feminist Movement led to changes and the betterment of conditions for women. By the 1970s an unprecedented number of women were working.  This gave women greater freedom and allowed them to leave abusive spouses.  Sadly to say, equality in pay, while better today than the past, has never been reached. 


What may be less remembered is that there was also a New Right.  Conservatives were against affirmative action, busing, big government and taxes, and mourned the loss of traditional family values.  So, as with any cultural change, there are always those who resist.


On the scientific front, this timeframe coincided with breakthroughs in technology and the expanded use of computers.  The Uranus – Pluto conjunction took place in Virgo, the sign of workers.  There was fear that technology would replace human workers.  The realization of this fear came years later, particularly as transiting Pluto in Sagittarius formed squares to the original conjunction in Virgo and now as transiting Uranus and Pluto form squares once again. 


Uranus square Hades


Aspects between Uranus and Hades also signal social unrest:  Uranus, the rebellious forces, and Hades, the underprivileged. 


The last square of Uranus to Hades occurred during 1956 and 1957 with Uranus in Leo and Hades in Taurus.  This coincided with the Polish and Hungarian Revolts against the Soviet Union.  The background for these revolts began at the end of World War II.  The Red Army militarily occupied the Eastern European countries where they had defeated the Germans.  During World War II Stalin trained Eastern European communists in Russia.  After the war these Eastern European communists returned to their own countries and became government ministers.  They packed the army and police with communists and discredited and arrested non-communists.  Property, taken away from the families who had supported the Nazis, was redistributed to the peasants.  The Soviet Union extracted harsh penalties in the form of war reparations from these countries.  In 1945, 65% of Hungary's output was dedicated to paying war reparations to the Soviet Union. 


Repressive regimes in Eastern Europe were dictatorships modeled after Joseph Stalin's Russia.  Following Stalin's death in 1953, there was a relaxation of terror in Russia and Eastern Europe.  Countries wanted to modernize their economic system to be able to compete with the West.  Yet the more conservative rulers resisted change.  When Nikita Khrushchev revealed that Stalin had been a mass murderer, Eastern European countries mistakenly took that as a signal that it was okay to change. 


In June of 1956, Polish factory workers went on strike.  Groups demonstrated at secret police headquarters and the prison, storming the prison, releasing prisoners, and seizing weapons.  Workers demanded bread and freedom.  Unfortunately for the Poles, Russia had tens of thousands of troops stationed there.  The uprising was quelled.  Diplomacy prevailed on October 19, 1956.  Nikita Khrushchev accepted reform leader, Wladyslaw Gomulka's, assurance that the communist system would not be endangered by workers' struggles. 


Then came the Hungarian uprising on October 23, 1956.  This uprising was originally launched by intellectuals and students, but joined by workers.  Demonstrators demanded the immediate withdrawal of Soviet troops, the formation of a new government, recognition of workers right to strike, and general amnesty for all insurgents.  Rebels, some armed with kitchen utensils and gasoline, attacked and disabled Soviet tanks.  Initially it looked as if the rebels had won.  The Pravda promised greater equality between the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.  Hungarian Prime Minister Imre Nagy publicly rejected the Warsaw Pact and appealed to the United Nations for help in establishing Hungary's neutrality.  Radio Free Europe encouraged the rebels to fight.  Yet no help from the West was forthcoming.  By November 7, 1956, the Soviet Union, in an apparent change of heart, had crushed the rebellion. 


Interestingly enough the European Revolution of 1848 also occurred under the Uranus – Hades square, from 1846 to 1848.  Uranus was in Aries and Hades in Capricorn.  It should be noted that difficult planetary aspects, particularly those from Uranus to Hades or Pluto generally coincide with severe weather patterns, which in turn cause problems in harvest.


In 1846 there was a severe famine, which led to higher food prices.  High food prices reduced consumer demand and led to plummeting profits, which in turn led to high unemployment accompanied by higher prices.  This set off the revolt.  (You'll note that higher food prices in the Mideast in the 2000s were a contributing factor to the Arab spring.)


In 1848, the spark came from Paris.  In February 1848, Paris officials cancelled a banquet of liberal doctors, lawyers, and merchants who were pushing for the extension of voting rights.  Skilled workers and factory laborers joined them in taking to the streets.  The citizen militia of Paris defected from King Louis-Philippe and the army garrison stationed in Paris joined the revolutionary protestors.  The king fled and demonstrators proclaimed the Second Republic on February 24.  Ultimately, the disparity of aims between the bourgeois and those more radical led to the failure of the revolution.  The government headed by Louis-Napoleon (the nephew of Napoleon I) returned France to a monarchy four years later.


France's revolution set off a wave of protests throughout Europe.  German uprisings followed in February and March.  This led to the dismissal of unpopular ministers.  A national parliament was called for, but the rulers of the German states recovered their authority.  Revolutions in Austria, Hungary, Bohemia, and Italy fared less well as armies loyal to the Austrian Empire put down the rebellions.


Reasons for failure of the revolts are attributed to a number of causes.  Lack of communication among the revolting countries allowed the Austrian army to fight each uprising in isolation from the others.  The moderate liberals' distrust of what was considered radicalism of the workers prevented any long term alliances. 


In these examples the results of revolts under Uranus – Hades came to naught immediately, but had the impact of planting the seeds of future revolutions.  Also, as in the Uranus – Pluto aspects, the precipitating causes for the revolts were the economic conditions of the general populace.  The few controlled the wealth while the majority suffered.


Where Are We Now?


The Mideast


Uprisings against governments began in the Middle East.  Tunisia's uprising began in December 2010, Egypt's in January 2011, and Libya's in February 2011.  Abidine Ben Ali was out of power in Tunisia on January 26, 2011.  President Hosni Mubarak's fall in Egypt came on February 11, 2011.  Mubarak's fall occurred just before the exact square of Uranus to Hades on February 18, 2011.  Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in Libya was killed on October 20, 2011, just before the next exact square of Uranus to Hades on October 24, 2011. 


These countries were all ruled by despotic leaders.  In most, wealth remained in the hands of the few, while the multitudes lived in poverty with little hope for the future.  There were few jobs, even for the educated middle class.  Perhaps what ignited the powder keg was the dramatic rise in the cost of food, which had the effect of sinking the poor further into poverty. 


As in the past, the Uranus-Hades harsh aspects that began in April 2010 ushered in more violent uprisings, the revolts of the "have-nots" against those that "have."  (It should be pointed out that Saturn was opposite Uranus in late 2009 and 2010.)  Empowered by social media, these uprisings began without leaders.  Protestors showed solidarity, overcoming traditional prejudices of Catholics versus Muslims, Shiites versus Sunnis, capitalists versus socialists.  But once the battle against the outgoing governments was won, deeply endowed prejudices quickly surfaced.  In Egypt, attacks against Christians intensified. 


As of this writing, the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic party, appears to have taken 40% of the vote in Egyptian elections, and the ultraconservative Salafis, 20%.  The Salafis, who reject popular entertainment and women's right to vote, are particularly popular outside of large cities. Preacher Mustafa al-Adawi has issued a fatwa prohibiting Muslim women from wearing high heels as they are a source of seduction for men.  Cleric Sheikh Mahmoud Amer issued a fatwa prohibiting Muslims from voting for Coptic candidates and Muslims who do not regularly pray. 


It remains to be seen how much power the ruling military will transfer to elected officials and whether the voices of more liberal protestors who sought greater freedom will be heard or squashed.


With another Uranus – Hades aspect to come and many Uranus – Pluto squares to follow, it's unlikely that these issues will subside.  The question is whether the Arab countries will follow the United States precedent in the 1930s and make their countries more just, or follow the example of Hitler's Germany and scapegoat intellectuals and minorities.  (During World War II the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Hajj Amin al-Husseni openly encouraged Muslims to join Nazi units.)


Looking at the charts of the Camp David Accord and the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty, it seems likely that the long-term alliance between Egypt and Israel will be among the first casualties of Egypt's Arab Spring.  These charts (the Camp David Accord, September 17, 1978, in Washington DC and the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty, March 26,1979, Washington, DC) are significantly triggered by both the Uranus – Hades square and the upcoming Uranus – Pluto square. 


Drawing a noon chart for the Camp David Accord puts its Moon at 1 degree of Aries, approximately the same placement as transiting Uranus in its square to Hades at the time of the Egyptian elections.  The Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty, also drawn for noon, has a Mercury-Sun conjunction at the Midheaven in Aries, with Mercury at 1 degree and the Sun at 5 degrees.  Transiting Uranus will be at 5 degrees three more times before the end of 2013.  The natal Sun in the Peace Treaty chart opposes natal Pluto at 12 Libra.  Three of the seven upcoming transiting Uranus – Pluto squares fall within approximately a degree of this Pluto.  Also the natal positions of Ceres, the Moon, and Mars in Pisces and Saturn and the North Node in Virgo will all be triggered by transiting Mars Retrograde during 2012. Given all this, it appears as if power struggles and turmoil between Egypt and Israel are inevitable.


The United States


In the United States, both the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street protestors are clamoring for change.  The Tea Party people want to limit big government and taxes.  Occupy Wall Street protestors' attention is focused on Wall Street.  They call for an end to corporate entitlements and for the top 1% to pay their fair share.  The Occupy Wall Street protests started in Manhattan, but quickly spread around the rest of the country.


As different as these movements are (and the ones in the Mideast), they share the rejection of traditional political elites--those who have become wealthy at the expense of everyone else.  They recognize that globalization benefits the rich while the middle class and the poor lose economic ground.  The main difference between conservatives and liberals is where they place the blame for the financial mess of the United States economy.  Occupy Wall Street protestors blame large corporations and the Tea Party people blame big government.  Yet both share anger against what is seen as a corrupt political system that intertwines the interests of Washington and Wall Street at the expense of Main Street.  They both represent the astrological symbolism of Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn: the little guys standing up against the power structures.


The Tea Party movement started in 2009 when transiting Saturn in Virgo was opposite transiting Uranus in Pisces triggering the Mars – Neptune square in the United States chart (July 4, 1776, in Philadelphia). 


Occupy Wall Street began on September 17, 2011 at noon in New York City.  Transiting Uranus was square Pluto within two degrees, having formed an almost exact square in July.  This square encompasses the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the United States chart.  Venus and Jupiter, called benefics by the ancients, are the planets that signify wealth, abundance, and well being.  This same planetary configuration also signifies extravagance.  Malfeasance by the banking industry as well as overspending by the government and households worked to create the current financial crisis.  The causes of the crisis are too many to enumerate here.  Those interested may want to read All the Devils Are Here by Bethany McLean and Joe Nocera.


Currently, the government tells the populace that they need not worry, that the economy is growing, albeit slowly, and that it will grow its way out of debt. It touts low inflation and slowing unemployment.  More prudent voices express extremely different views. 


John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics,, compares the way the current unemployment numbers are calculated to the way they were calculated in the 1980s.  Rather than having under 10% unemployment, the figure jumps to approximately 23%.  In the same manner, Williams compares inflation as calculated today to the way it was calculated in the 1980s.  Instead of inflation being around 4%, it goes up over 10%.  This is not news to those out of work or to anyone who buys groceries, pays for health insurance, or has tuition bills to pay. 


And with regard to growing our way out of debt, a recent interview with Hayman Capital hedge fund manager Kyle Bass, put the current debt in context.  Paraphrasing Bass, "if Warren Buffett and Bill Gates turned over all their net worth (approximately $100 billion) to pay off United States debt, their entire worth would amount to one month's debt."  Bass, who earned enormous amounts of money for his investors (he refuses to say how much) betting on the housing crisis and Greece's likely default, predicts a larger financial crisis in the United States in the next three to five years.  This timeframe coincides with the coming Uranus – Pluto squares, and its triggers to the United States chart. 


The transiting Uranus – Pluto squares have not yet become exact.  When they do, they will move from triggering the United States Venus – Jupiter conjunction to its Sun.  More chaos can be expected for years to come.  It's likely that society's conditions will continue to deteriorate.  This will further the causes of both the Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party movements.  As transiting Mars in January, 2012, turns Retrograde conjoining the US Neptune in Virgo, which squares the US Mars, the likelihood of increased social unrest and violence is immediate and ongoing.


In addition, Jupiter represents values as well as wealth.  While not all Tea Party members are religious conservatives, the Tea Party members elected to Congress are.  This may stem from the Tea Party's emergence during the Saturn – Uranus opposition – traditional versus more liberal values.  It is hoped that the Tea Party and Occupy Wall protestors can get together to make economic changes needed to transform the country.  Yet at the extreme ends, social values divide them. 


Meanwhile on December 3, 2011, just before the last Uranus–Hades square, the United States Senate first passed the National Defense Authorization Act.  This law allows for the military to detain American citizens suspected of being involved in terrorism.  The final version of the bill passed the Senate on December 16; 86 for, 13 against, 1 abstention..  Among those opposing the bill are Tea Party libertarian Ron Paul and Independent Socialist Bernie Sanders.  This legislation denies terrorist suspects, including US citizens apprehended within national borders, the right to trial and subjects them to indefinite detention. 


Initially President Obama threatened a veto, but signed the bill into law on December 31, 2011.  A December 5 post of the Washington's Blog, quoting Paul Craig Roberts, suggested that President Obama's real reason for opposing this bill is that under it military detention would make these alleged offenders prisoners of war.  Prisoners of war are subject to the protections of the Geneva Conventions, which "enemy combats" are not.  The practice of rendition has not changed under the Obama administration, and enemy combats are still sent overseas for torture. 


Pluto in Capricorn warns of those in authority becoming more oppressive.  The practice of rendition, the NDAA bill and some of the reasons against it, eerily follow the tenets of the rise of fascism detailed in Naomi Wolf's The End of America:  Letter of Warning to A Young Patriot.  The tenets are:  (1) invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy (September 11, 2011)  (2) create a gulag (Guantanamo Bay); (3) develop a thug caste (security contractors); (4) set up internal surveillance (wiretaps and cyber surveillance); (5) harass citizen groups; (6) engage in arbitrary detention and release (currently Occupy Wall Street arrests); (7) target key individuals, (8) control the press (a few major corporations control most media outlets); (9) dissent equals treason; and (10) suspend the rule of law (The National Defense Authorization Act). 


Let us hope that this is not the cycle under which the United States becomes more like Germany during World War II.


World Wide Issues


Charts of the Federal Reserve, the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, and the Euro all point to continuing financial crises worldwide. 


The Federal Reserve came into being by a law passed by Congress on December 23, 1913, at 6:02 pm in Washington, DC.  This chart has a 0 Aries Midheaven, the Sun, Ceres, and Jupiter in Capricorn at 1, 7, and 23 respectively, and Cancer Rising, Pluto, Mars, and Neptune in Cancer at 18, 0, 19, and 27 respectively.  In Uranian astrology, 0 Aries is the world point.  With the dollar as the world reserve currency, the actions of the Federal Reserve affect the rest of the world.  The Sun – Pluto opposition in this chart shows the opposition to the Federal Reserve from the start and its own secrecy. 


The transiting Uranus – Hades square sits firmly on this Sun – Pluto opposition.  Calls for an investigation of the Federal Reserve united Tea Party favorite, Senator Rand Paul and liberal Senator Bernie Sanders, the only Socialist sitting in Congress.  The audit of the Federal Reserve revealed $16 trillion in secret bailouts between December 2007 and June 2010.  These bailouts went to United States banks, corporations, and foreign banks.  To put this in perspective, the gross domestic product of the United States is only $14.5 trillion.  This means that the Federal Reserve lent out more money, at 0% interest, than the total United States economy earns in one year.  In the period to come, it's unlikely that the Federal Reserve will be allowed to return to its veil of secrecy.


The World Bank is another institution that is likely to come under fire under upcoming transits.  The World Bank came into being on December 27, 1945, in Washington, DC.  In the absence of a precise time, a chart for noon was drawn.  The World Bank is an institution that provides loans to developing countries.  It has the Sun at 5 degrees of Capricorn, again right in the middle of the transiting Uranus – Pluto aspects.  This portends more banking crises to come, although at this time it is the developed countries that need aid, not the developing ones.


The World Trade Organization's purpose is to supervise international trade.  It came into being on January 1, 1995, in Geneva, Switzerland.  In the absence of a precise time, the chart was drawn up for noon.  This chart has the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune, and Uranus all in Capricorn.  Pluto's trek through Capricorn alone would indicate dramatic changes to come in world trade.  The Sun and Moon at 10 degrees of Capricorn put these celestial bodies right in the middle of the Uranus – Pluto squares to come, with Pluto conjoining them.  This indicates not only changes in world trade, but significant conflict to come.  The likelihood of trade wars heats up over the next few years as the economic climate deteriorates world wide.


The Euro may prove another casualty of the current economic climate.  The official signing of the contract that brought the Euro into being was December 31, 1998, at 1:51 pm in Brussels, Belgium.  The Euro as a currency came into being on January 1, 1999, at 0:01 am, Brussels, Belgium.  These charts have the Sun at 9 and 10 degrees of Capricorn, once again the focal point of the Uranus – Pluto square, with Pluto conjoining them.  If the Euro survives, it's not likely to be with the current group of countries.


While the European Union (November 1, 1993, Brussels, Belgium) is not being triggered by these transits, transiting Saturn in Libra and Scorpio will conjoin the Venus, Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Pluto in this chart between 2011 and late 2014.  The current economic crises are the first that the European Union has had to face since its inception.  Only time will tell whether it can survive the coming challenges.


Resource wars are another possibility.  While the United States and the rest of the developed world languish in debt, China is using its accumulated reserves to buy up natural resources in the rest of the world.  And it's not just oil that is likely to cause battles.  Conflict over water rights has already begun.  This is not just a problem in drought ridden Africa or in the Mideast desert.  As an example, Texas ranchers are concerned that drought has made ranching more difficult and oil wells being drilled by hydraulic fracturing are using up this valuable and limited resource.  This pits the oil companies against the ranchers, who are typically conservative business allies. 


Other likely hot spots include Iran, China, India, and Russia, all of which are being triggered by the Uranus – Pluto square in some fashion.


The combined world wide global debt has never been as high as it is now.  It has only approximated this amount during wartime.  The coming cycles warn of the possibility of wars.  Given today's world it's hard to know whether wars will take the form of troops on the ground, trade wars, economic wars, cyber wars, or a combination of all or some of these.


My attempt with this article is to show the link between the past and the likelihood of varied outcomes based on planetary cycles.  This article focuses primarily on financial and political circumstances.  This is by no means to say that nothing else can happen during this timeframe.  I make no claim that these are the only outcomes possible, just those I find most likely.  One of the limits of astrologers (not astrology) is that we are all limited by what we are able to imagine will happen.  And to paraphrase Nissim Taleb, what is a Black Swan to one person is a White Swan to another. 




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