Key Words:  I Have, Possessions, Practicality

Taurus is a fixed, earth sign, ruled by Venus.  You possess grace, charm, and an easy-going manner.  You combine practicality and stability with an appreciation of the finer things in life.

You are slow to start projects and make up your mind, wanting to make sure that whatever you put effort into has the intended return.  Once you get started on a project, you are totally committed.  You have determination, perseverance, and staying power.  You work long and hard to achieve desired goals, no matter how much time they take.  This makes you both stable and stubborn.  In fact, Taurus is the most stubborn sign of the Zodiac, but your graciousness masks this trait.

You dislike conflict, but do not allow others to push or pressure you.  This may be a positive or negative quality.  It demonstrates strength of character, but also stubbornness.  You avoid disagreement whenever possible, and yet, you do not give in easily.  Because of this, you are quite capable of letting others believe you will go along with them despite intentions to the contrary.  Later this may become a sore point in relationships.  You are very slow to anger, but once you lose your temper, it is difficult to get over it. 

Taurus represents the earthy side of Venus; so, you appreciate comfort and sensual delights.  You enjoy the taste of fine wine or a good meal, the scent of flowers or fine perfume, or the touch of soft fabric next to your skin.  The touch of another person is also appreciated, whether that touch is by massage or the sensuality associated with sex.  The Taurus - Scorpio axis of the Zodiac is associated with sensuality and sexuality.  Pure physical pleasure is a Taurus delight.           

Comfort, stability, and security are very important.  With regard to finances, there is a need for money in the bank for later, just in case.  Possessions equate with security.  You are a collector, holding onto things.  These collections may have value dollar value or purely emotional value.  It is important not to let the desire for possessions or the finer sides of life to interfere with much-needed financial security. 

Domestic happiness is a priority.  You are loyal mate.  Regardless of your sex, very likely, you are a nurturing and protective as spouse and parent and also probably an excellent cook and skillful gardener.  The desire to provide "the good life" for yourself and your family clearly motivates you.  In return, you expect the same loyalty that you give.  This may become a problem if protectiveness is carried too far and you become overprotective and possessive.  At worst, there is the possibility of treating other people like possessions or defining loyalty as agreement and differences of opinion as disloyalty.  Recognizing significant others as unique individuals rather than seeing them as an extension of you is of the utmost importance.

Joyce says: 

Traits to treasure:  your graciousness, perseverance, and quiet determination. 

To transform:  avoid letting determination turn into stubbornness by recognizing that change is not your enemy.

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