Scorpio is a fixed, water sign. 

Her key words are "I create." 

Despite her calm exterior that appears to be unemotional, Scorpio is an intensely emotional sign which lives by passion.  She takes an all or nothing approach to whatever she does.  She makes no distinction between moderation and apathy.  Her passion is frequently misunderstood as purely sexual, but it's a passion for life.  Scorpio is either in love or not interested, whether it's with a person, a job, or an idea.      

This makes Scorpio, like her ruler Pluto, capable of achieving great heights or sinking into the depths.  She is the only sign that has more than one symbol.  At her lowest level, she displays the famous qualities of the arachnid with the poisonous sting.  This sting can be seen when she's hurt or in a bad mood, and her piercing tongue cuts others to the quick as she contemplates revenge. 

At her highest level, she's the Phoenix who rose out of the ashes, symbolizing resurrection and transformation.  No matter where Scorpio is in her life, or how much she has accomplished, she's always trying to transcend, to be better.  In the middle, she's the eagle who flies higher than any other bird, but can still descend to the depths.  Scorpio's challenge is to choose among them.     

The natural psychologist of the Zodiac, Scorpio has good instincts about people and situations.  She intuitively pierces through things, getting right to the core of their underlying meaning, irrespective of whether she's analyzing a person, a procedure, or an ideal, or whether she's looking for the meaning of life--which she fully expects to find.     

Because her instincts are so good, Scorpio bases her decisions entirely on how she feels--no matter how pragmatic her justifications for them may sound.  She then puts a tremendous amount of will power into achieving what she desires.  

The problem is that she's so sure she's right, she doesn't stop to reexamine her choices. If she's headed in the right direction, her determination and sheer will get her favorable results.  If she's headed in the wrong direction, she still gets results, but not those she bargained for. 

 **Excerpt from A Beginner's Guide to Astrological Interpretation

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