Saturn - Neptune, June, 2007

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Or confused about what to do next?  Or that no matter how hard you work you don't seem to be accomplishing anything – or certainly not as much as you'd like?  Or that the things you've been working on no longer seem appropriate and it's time to re-evaluate.

Welcome to the last opposition of Saturn in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius that's taking place this month.  Saturn and Neptune are two planets that definitely don't see eye to eye.  And to intensify matters, Pluto is contra-parallel to Saturn.

Here's some insight into all this:

 Saturn is that planet that represents the concrete, material plane.  It has to do with practicality, hard work, and other ingredients necessary for survival-seeing the world realistically, or perhaps pessimistically. 

Neptune is the planet that symbolizes a more heavenly existence—the way life is supposed to be.  It has to do with the oneness of the universe, beauty, spirituality, ideals, dreams, and aspirations.  It also has to do with fog, illusion, and victimization.  When these two planets collide, disillusionment can follow.  Pluto's presence intensifies matters.

Here's one example of how this is playing out in the political arena:

Conservative Republicans (less government Conservatives, not religious Conservatives) have been disillusioned for quite some time.  Now they have formed an organization called American Freedom Agenda.  The American Freedom Agenda has set a litmus test for endorsing candidates in the presidential primaries. 

These dissatisfied Conservatives are demanding that the Republican Party return to its traditional path of less government.  They want the government to exhibit fiscal responsibility and checks and balances on those who wield power.  This includes cutting the budget and doing away with presidential signing statements.

Here's what they are asking candidates to pledge, "I hereby pledge that if elected President of the United States, I will undertake the following to restore the Constitution's checks and balances:  to honor fundamental protections against injustice, and to eschew usurpations of legislative or judicial power…These are keystones of national security and individual freedom."  So far, the only Republican to sign on is libertarian Representative Ron Paul of Texas.

On a more personal level, you may be feeling dissatisfied with yourself and your life as it is right now.  Here are some things to think about if you're experiencing Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto energy:

1.   Are you living out your dreams and ideals?  This honors Neptune

2.  Are you practically pursuing the aims that you'd like to accomplish?  This honors Saturn.

3.  Are you purging the things in your life that are no longer for your highest good?  This honors Pluto.

4.  If the answers to 1 – 3 are no, what steps can you now take to get your life on track.

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