Sun in Sagittarius

Sagittarius wants life to be an adventure, chock-full of travel and excitement.  He values freedom and independence above all else, whether it's freedom of action or freedom of mind.  He's talkative, friendly, outgoing, and fun to be around, so he effortlessly charms others, but he does his own thing and will not be fenced in.

Like his fellow fire sign Aries, he's direct and honest.  He says whatever is on his mind in no uncertain terms and can be surprised when this hurts the feelings of others.  Truth--at least his impression of it--is more important to him than tact and diplomacy, and it is difficult for him to imagine that others do not think the same way.     

True to his ruler, Jupiter, he's optimistic and positive thinking, regardless of his current circumstances.  Gambling and risk-taking come naturally to him because he expects to be lucky.  His faith in the future can carry him through the most difficult of times; or at his worst, it can bring him into difficult times because of his "why do anything; life will take care of me" attitude.       

Sagittarius is the most intellectual of the fire signs.  He's concerned with ideas and ideals, whether the ideas are philosophical, religious, or just beliefs about how people should live.  He can stand up for social reform on one hand or be a spokesperson for the prevailing social order on the other.  Although he can proselytize an ideal, his involvement remains intellectual rather than action-oriented.  He's concerned with theoretical concepts, not with mundanely working out those concepts. 

Being a mutable sign, he's also not afraid to change his mind.  While he can argue fervently for an ideal, if he later decides he was on the wrong side of the issue, he can publicly argue just as fervently for the opposing view.  Either way, he must be careful of being prejudiced against those who do not believe in his system of thought.      

There are two types of Sagittarius.  One is the philosophical, scholarly type who's concerned with learning and gaining wisdom.  He wants to improve the social order in which he lives.  Still his contribution remains intellectual, not pragmatic.  He makes a good minister or humanitarian worker, but his interest is in society, not the individual.       

The other type of Sagittarius is more concerned for himself.  His sense of freedom takes precedence above all else.  His desire for travel, excitement, and adventure can outweigh his willingness to deal with the responsibilities of everyday life.  He promises, with the best of intentions, more than he delivers.  Optimistically, he believes he'll come through, but he doesn't worry much about it when he does not.  One person can play both Sagittarius roles in a lifetime.     

Both types enjoy the outdoors.  Hiking, horseback riding, communing with nature gives Sagittarius a sense of tranquility not likely to be found elsewhere.  

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