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Sun in Pisces

Pisces is a mutable water sign.  Her key words are "I  believe."  She rules the feet and the lymphatic system.  Pisces is the most sensitive, imaginative, and compassionate sign of the Zodiac.  She is also creative, psychic, and spiritually oriented.       

Like all water signs, Pisces lives in her feelings.  But water signs express their sensitivities differently.  Cancer's primary concern is for her family, Scorpio's for whomever she chooses to care about, while Pisces' sensitivity extends to everyone and everything.  She can read a sad story in the paper and be upset.  Situations don't have to happen to her or her friends, relatives, or neighbors for her to be emotionally concerned.     

Like her ruler, Neptune, Pisces lacks boundaries.  Her sensitivity causes her to absorb unconsciously what's going on around her.  She has difficulty distinguishing her own feelings from the vibrations of her environment.  If she's upset and her environment is jovial, her mood will improve. If she is happy and the environment is sad, she takes on its sadness.  Because of this she needs time to retreat and to be alone.  Through meditation she can learn to distinguish what stems from herself and what comes from the environment.     

Pisces has a poetic soul, strong imagination, and creative vision.  She's the most artistic of all the signs. She more than loves what's beautiful; she feels connected with it.  Creative endeavors such as poetry, art, music, dance, and theater whether for fun or for profit, provide healthy escapes for her.  If she's sad or upset, listening to beautiful music or taking a trip to a museum can put her in a better mood.        

Pisces is a romantic idealist who longs to transcend earthly existence.  She sees life the way it should be.  She sees the best in people and situations.  Her attitude is, "Why see the bad when you can see the good?"     

In romance Pisces wants to fall in love with Prince (or Princess) Charming and live happily ever after.  She puts her lover on a pedestal.  She becomes an actress and plays whatever part she believes he would like--after all, he's so wonderful how could she help herself?  The problem is that she's longing for a romantic ideal, a union with God, and that longing is unlikely to be satisfied by a mere human being.      

Her idealism and sensitivity, coupled with her strong sympathy for the underdog, cause her to take care of others, regardless of the romantic attachment.  She has difficulty saying no, refusing another whose need may be greater than her own.  Idealistically, this appears very noble, but in real life it causes her tremendous pain. 

Pisces unwillingness to see people's flaws makes her a poor judge of character.  She has a way of choosing people who will take advantage of her, and the faults she refuses to see have a way of hitting her over the head when she least expects it.  The difference between the way life is supposed to be and the way it is becomes her nemesis.  She feels crushed when she discovers that she's been deceived, regardless of whether she was purposely deceived by the other person or by her image of him.     

When disappointed, Pisces seeks to escape.  At best, she needs time alone.  At worst, she falls prey to drugs and alcohol.  Given her physically sensitive system and her dislike of the material world, if she falls too far, it can be difficult to climb out.      

There's a negative side of Pisces that's rarely discussed.  It happens when her sensitivities turn inward instead of outward.  She still cares for those around her, but she becomes too immersed in her own feelings to be concerned for anyone else.  She expresses an "I'm feeling bad, take care of me" attitude and becomes demanding.     

Pisces' main lesson in life comes from the discrepancies between the spiritual ideal and the real in the physical universe.  While her ruler Neptune's view of transcendence, love, and peace predominate on the spiritual plane, those on earth still live under Saturn's domain and must pay at least some homage to his rule.

Excerpt from A Beginner's Guide to Astrological Interpretation 

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