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A Quick at the Proposed Amash Conyer Amendment
Uranus - Pluto Showing Signs of Life


An Amendment to the House Defense Department appropriation bill that would defund one NSA program, the agency's bulk collection of telephone records of all Americans was narrowly defeated.  Support for this amendment indicates a significant shift in party alliances. 


The amendment was introduced by Tea Party favorite Representative Justin Amash and liberal stalwart John Conyers.  Both of Michigan, Amash is an avowed libertarian who often bucks GOP leaders.  Conyers is an 84 year old Democrat and the second longest serving member of Congress.  The vote on the amendment was 217 to 205.  111 Democrats and 94 Republicans voted in favor of the bill.  83 Democrats and 134 Republicans voted against it. 


The roll call on the amendment was completed at approximately 7:05 pm on July 24, 2013 in Washington DC.  A chart drawn for that time illustrates the extreme divisiveness of this issue.  Capricorn is Rising, with Pluto conjoining the Ascendant, opposite Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury straddling the Descendant, square Uranus in Aries in the third house.  The Sun in Leo falls in the seventh house and forms a square to Saturn in the tenth house.  There is also a grand trine among the Moon – Neptune conjunction in Pisces, Chiron in Pisces; Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury in Cancer, and Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio.  Mars is out of bounds by declination.



It's interesting to note that those voting and lobbying against the amendment include stalwarts from both parties – Speaker of the House, John Boehner; Minority Leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi; Tea Party favorite, Michele Bachmann; Democratic Congressional Committee Chairman Steve Israel; and National Republican Committee Chairman Greg Walden. 


It's unlikely that this issue is over.  There's a rising concern about government overstepping its bounds.  This occurs as the US chart is having a Jupiter return.


To see how your Congressman voted, go to




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