Mercury Retrograde July 2012 & Uranus - Pluto square

Mercury Retrograde started July 15, 2012 and goes to August 8, 2012 from 13 degrees of Leo to 1 degree of Leo.  This particular Mercury Retrograde by itself isn't as difficult as the one in March, but it happens with a number of other challenging planetary relationships. 

 As you've probably read, Uranus and Pluto are now traveling in a tight square.  The Sun in Cancer triggered this energy in late June.  Mars in Libra triggered it in mid-July.  Mars will conjoin Saturn in Libra in mid-August after Mercury goes direct. 


You can see examples of what's going on from  the news:

 the Colorado shootings:

the attack in Bulgaria on Israeli tourists

the attack on Egypt's gas pipeline to Israel and Jordan

the on-going conflict in Syria

 the Libor scandal where once again big banks conspired to defraud the public

lawsuits against Monsanto

the JPMorgan projected loss of $7 billion 


I could, of course, go on, but I'm sure that you get the picture.  The Uranus – Pluto square is in effect for the next few years.  On the positive side, it pits forces of change – the individual or "little people" (Uranus in Aries) standing up to the power structure (Pluto in Capricorn).  This side is represented by the exposure of misdeeds by bankers and the lawsuits against Monsanto. 


The not-so-positive side of this planetary picture is the revolution gone wild—the attacks on Christians in Egypt, the likely end of the Egypt-Israeli Peace Treaty, the attacks on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria – and not the least the shootings at the Batman movie in  Colorado. 


In the 1960s, Uranus conjoined Pluto.  The current square is the first one since that conjunction.  It is my hope that as in the 1960s, the outpouring of anger will eventually be directed at the issues facing the world and necessary changes will be made to insure the health of planet earth and those of us who live here.


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