Mars Retrograde in Aries and Beyond (2020)

In mythology Mars is the god of war.  As Mars travels through the Zodiac, it adds a level of assertion to each sign that it enters.  Normally Mars spends a little over a month in a sign, but much longer during its Retrograde’ cycle, which happens approximately every two years.

Some believe that Mars’ power is diminished during its Retrograde’ cycle, but a slower moving planet is more powerful. Due to the length of its Retrograde period, Mars’ influence becomes more like an outer planet.

Mars entered Aries on June 27.  This is a potent placement, as Mars is the ruler of Aries.  The God of war--in the most warlike sign.  A good image is the first soldier going over the hill in battle—courageous and perhaps foolhardy.  The soldier can save the day or cause rampant destruction. 

By June 27, worldwide protests were already occurring over the death of George Floyd on May 25.  Floyd, a 46-year-old African-American man, died after being handcuffed and pinned to the ground by a white police officer’s knee.  The encounter, captured on video, incited protests against police brutality and racism. 

The protests, which started in Minneapolis quickly spread to more than 150 American cities and then worldwide.  Mars was in Pisces along with Neptune at the time.  (The Civil War began with Neptune in Pisces).

Mars moved forward in Aries in August forming squares to Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn, and conjoined Eris in Aries. 

Jupiter represents values, but also expansion.  Saturn represents rules, but also limitations and karma.  Pluto rules the unseen, what’s beneath the surface.  Pluto’s trek in each sign brings its dark side to the surface. In Capricorn, conservative values and the status quo reign.

Eris is the goddess who rules over strife.  The start of the Trojan War is attributed to her actions.  Yet she is prominent in astrological charts, particularly women, who stand up against the status quo.

Jupiter is generally seen as the “good” planet, while Saturn as the “challenging” one.  What can be forgotten is that as the planet of expansion, Jupiter makes things bigger.  That doesn’t necessarily mean better – only more.  

These planetary positions heightened and will continue to heighten conflict.

Coinciding with these aspects was the shooting of Jacob Blake on August 23 in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  This set the stage for a series of protests and more violence. And in keeping with the power of Eris challenging the status quo, four people are suing Facebook for its alleged role in enabling extremist groups to incite violence. 

Mars turned Stationary Retrograde at 28 Aries on September 9.  Shortly after its Station, Jupiter and Saturn made stations in Capricorn and Mars formed a square to Saturn. 

A planet’s station is the height of its power. Jupiter represents expansion, Saturn, contraction. This creates a push and pull among those who want to move forward and those trying to push back the hands of time.  Both planets in Capricorn represent conservative values, the status quo.  Mars in Aries – individuals (in this case on both sides) fighting the perceived status quo.

Following the October 7 Vice Presidential debate between Senator Harris and Vice President Pence, Time’s Up Now, the political arm of the advocacy and legal defense organization of #MeToo launched a “We Have Her Back” campaign.  This non-partisan campaign is aimed at defending Harris and other female candidates from sexist attacks and calling out the media that perpetuates stereotypes.

And just when it seemed like situations couldn’t get worse, on October 8 a plot was uncovered to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer before the November 3 election.  Nineteen state felony charges were filed against seven men, accused of being members or associates of Wolverine Watchmen, for allegedly seeking to storm the Michigan Capitol and incite a civil war.  According to a federal complaint, they viewed Whitmer as “uncontrolled power”. And what was this power – a woman governor who dared to use her power to keep her citizens safe by requiring masks in public. 

The Civil War began the last time that Neptune was in Pisces, and we are now as closes as this country has been to a civil war since then.

Mars will once again square Pluto on October 9 and Jupiter on October 19. The presidential election takes place on November 3. Just after the election, Jupiter will conjoin Pluto on November 12 and square Eris on November 17, highlighting conflicting values. 

So the presidential election occurs in the middle of these difficult planetary configurations.  To further complicate matters, Mercury goes from Retrograde to turning stationary Direct on that day. We’re unlikely to know the election results until sometime after that.  (You may recall the 2000 election day when Mercury went from Direct to Retrograde.)

Some believe that situations will quiet down after Mars turns Direct on November 13, but I find that unlikely.  A station is a very strong point for a planet – so Mars will be stronger, not weaker. So ongoing conflict over the election is a foregone conclusion.

Pluto will square Eris on December 10 and Mars will conjoin Eris on December 22 and square Pluto on December 23. 

Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius in December.  On January 6, 2021 Mars enters Taurus and forms squares to Jupiter and Saturn that month before conjoining Uranus.  It’s very likely that conflict will still be going on during the presidential Inauguration on January 20.


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