Libra's key words are "I balance."  His ruler, Venus, conveys charm and grace upon him as well as an eye for beauty.  As the sign of marriage, relationships, and partnership, Libra values harmony and cooperation above all else.  He seeks balance and moderation, carefully weighing all sides of an issue before coming to a conclusion.  He dislikes arguments and crude behavior.  He believes it's important to get along well with others, and he cares what they think of him.       

Libra's moderate, "peace at any price" nature can cause others to underestimate him.  He's a logical, intellectual sign that needs mental stimulation.  He works equally as well with systems and ideas as with people.  Libra excels at diplomacy.  And like diplomats, he often gets people to do what he wants while they believe it is they who came up with the ideas.  This ability to bring others over to his side without conflict makes Libra a good lawyer, executive, or counselor.  Being stronger willed than others anticipate, Libra earns his reputation for wearing a velvet glove over an iron fist.         

This velvet glove shows in his dislike of crass behavior.  Libra, the master of social appropriateness, believes people should be "nice."  That's why he doesn't like to fight.  It's also why, at his worst, it's so difficult to get a straight answer from him.  He's capable of telling others what they want to hear regardless of what he really thinks.  Yet, his reputation for indecisiveness is overrated.  It stems from his tendency to look for a way to "have it all" himself and please everybody else at the same time.       

 To Libra, life without a Significant Other--whether it's a spouse, lover, or best friend--is unimaginable.  He wants to someone to share his life with, someone whom he considers an equal and who shares his interests and ideas, or the relationship has no meaning.  Because of this, Libra may be expected to be emotional; but like all air signs, he relates mind to mind and is much more comfortable thinking than feeling. 

This contributes to his tendency to rationalize remaining in unsuitable relationships.  While Libra can manage by himself perfectly well, at his most self-destructive, he avoids being alone no matter what the circumstances.  One Libra, upon being asked for a divorce during a Neptune transit, commented "I never expected it.  We weren't fighting."  The fact that he and his wife had not spoken to each other in years had slipped his mind.        

 Another side of Libra's velvet glove gets expressed through Libra's esthetic sense.  He appreciates culture and enjoys art, theater, and music.  He dresses well and likes to be noticed.  Female Libras frequently adorn themselves with decorative jewelry, usually made out of copper (ruled by Venus) and semi- precious stones.  Compliments go a long way toward winning Libra's heart.        

 **Excerpt from A Beginner's Guide to Astrological Interpretation

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