The following is an excerpt from my book, Breakthrough Astrology, Transform Yourself and Your World

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Key Ideas: Will, Vitality, Leadership

Naturally self-expressive, you have zest and enhthusiasm for whatever you care about. There is a love of the limelight, and appreciation means everything.

Leo is a fixed fire sign

If your Sun is here, you have zest, enthusiasm, spontaneity, tremendous energy, and approach life optimistically. You are self-expressive, true to yourself, and possess leadership capabilities. Like your ruler, the Sun, there is a desire to shine and share your light.

You know what you want and go after it. Being persistent and well organized, once you make a commitment, you follow through. This gives you the distinction of being the only fire sign that finishes what you start. You function well in positions of authority and as a leader and can inspire others through your magnanimous nature and natural exuberance. But you do not function as well in subservient roles. You bristle at being told what to do, and it is possible for even the most constructive criticism to offend your pride. While you will always remain true to yourself, it is important to recognize the rights of those in authority, and the difference between being given helpful suggestions and being insulted.

There is a love of the limelight. No matter what you do for a living, there is an actor inside of you. Like a star, you beam at being the center of attention. The need to be recognized and appreciated makes you subject to flattery. Yet you really want to be appreciated for being yourself. You are capable of being boastful; yet, you are also capable to taking unpopular stands because of moral convictions. At your heart, you are honest and direct and will not pretend to be something other than what you are.

Your flair for dramatics shows in your appearance. It is important to you to look your best—even if you are only going to the corner store to get a newspaper. Self-expression shows in your attraction to flamboyant clothes and jewelry and flashy cars and the way in which you throw lavish parties.

Leo is the fire sign most concerned with people. The image of a lioness protecting her cubs best symbolizes you as a parent. Loyal and faithful in all significant relationships, you are at heart a romantic. When in love, you are demonstrative and affectionate, and there is nothing that you will not do for another. What you want in return is appreciation and relational problems are mostly likely to arise when you do not feel appreciated.

Working through personal differences is not easy. You can be stubborn, and there is a tendency for you to see yourself as the one who is "right," which ultimately means that others are "wrong." Also, despite your self-confident manner, the importance you place on looking good might lead you to walk away rather than risk rejection. Relational health depends upon working through what may be issues of misplaced pride

Joyce says:

Traits to treasure: Your self-expressiveness, leadership abilities, persistence, and honor.

To transform: Avoid boasting and acting based on misplaced pride, and develop a modicum of humility.

Joyce Levine specializes in helping people recognize their natural abilities and use them to overcome their personal obstacles to success and to take action at precisely the right time to achieve the results they desire.

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Joyce Levine specializes in helping you recognize your natural abilities and use them to overcome your personal obstacles to success and to take action at precisely the right time to achieve the results you desire.

To discover how the planets affect you, call Joyce 617-354-7075 or e-mail  for an appointment.