Written August, 2008 - Appeared in NCGR ENEWs


John Edwards -- Difficult Aspects Not Yet Done


Committed husband and family man John Edwards shocked the public with his recent, out-of-character affair.  A politician in the public eye, the former presidential candidate is facing still more awkwardness, as indicated by his astrological chart.  Let’s take a closer look at what has happened so far, and how the astrological signs pointed to this.


John Edwards was born June 10, 1953, at 7:02 AM in Seneca, S.C. 


John Edwards has a stellium in Gemini, the Moon, Jupiter, Sun, and Mars; Mercury, Ceres, Uranus, and the Ascendant in Cancer; Venus in Taurus, Pluto in Leo, Saturn and Neptune in Libra, Chiron in Capricorn, and the North Node in Aquarius. 


In October 2007, the National Enquirer reported that John Edwards had been having an affair with documentarian Rielle Hunter.  Edwards denied the affair, and the mainstream media did not pursue it.  Hunter subsequently gave birth to a child.  In July, the National Enquirer claimed to have caught Edwards meeting Hunter at the Beverly Hilton.  In August, Edwards admitted the affair, but denied he is the father of Hunter's child. 


Until this event, Edwards presented the perfect picture of a dedicated family man.  He had been married to his wife Elizabeth for 30 years, and their shared loss of a child had seemed to bring them closer together. Where did John Edwards go wrong? 


As we all know, human beings are not consistent.  We are all capable of doing the seemingly unexpected.  Cancer Rising, Ceres in Cancer, and Venus in Taurus give Edwards a deep commitment to family.  Four celestial bodies in Gemini and three in the twelfth house present a somewhat different picture.  The Moon-Jupiter Conjunction in Gemini provides Edwards with a pleasing personality and "luck" with women.  His Gemini planets make him a good conversationalist.  (It's no wonder that Edwards amassed his fortune as a trial lawyer standing up for the little guy against corporate interests.  His Gemini – Cancer combination gives him the ability to relate to just about anyone.) 


Three planets in the twelfth house (Sun and Mars in Gemini and Mercury in Cancer) show that there's more going on behind the scenes than may be apparent.  With Uranus on the Ascendant, Edwards is his own person.  His stellium of twelfth house planets make him truly an idealist, and perhaps naïve as well. 


This past year has been difficult for Edwards.  Elizabeth's cancer reoccurred.  Despite being a popular candidate who was the most clearly pro-labor, Edwards lost his quest for the Democratic presidential nomination. 


His problems can clearly be seen from his planetary cycles.  Pluto, the planet symbolizing death (and ideally rebirth as well), has been transiting Edwards' sixth house of work for quite some time.  In 2007, Pluto opposed his Mars.  Mars falls in the twelfth house of secret enemies and rules his tenth house of career. Exact aspects occurred in January 2007, June 2007, and November 2007. 


Pluto – Mars combinations can bring forth issues of anger.  Very likely, Edwards acted temperamentally to those around him.  Behaving arrogantly is not uncommon with this aspect.  At the same time, his candidacy likely was sabotaged due to circumstances beyond his control by powerful "secret enemies."  It would be interesting to find out who tipped the National Enquirer.  While transiting Pluto does not form another square the exact degree of Edwards' Mars, it does station within one degree and 11 minutes of arc in September 2008, so this scenario is not over with yet.


During the same timeframe as the Pluto transits, transiting Saturn formed squares to Edwards' Moon and Jupiter Conjunction in Gemini.  Exact aspects occurred in October 2007, February 2008, and July 2008.  No doubt, Edwards' truly experienced grief and a sense of loss and isolation due to his wife's illness.  Saturn – Moon timeframes are particularly lonely.  Saturn transits demand responsibility.  Frequently these are periods when any wrongdoings come to light. 


Adding to Edwards' difficulties, volatile transiting Uranus stationed within 37 minutes of arc of a square to Edwards' Sun in June 2007, and formed an exact square in March 2008.  The next square will occur in October 2008.  During Uranus transits people typically want to break free of constraints.  One can behave in ways seen as "out of character."  A person cares less what people think and more about what he wants.  On the positive side, this can be a timeframe when one stands up for his convictions, without thought to the personal cost.  On the not so positive side, actions can become rebellious.  The need for excitement and change can overrule better judgment, once again without concern for the personal cost.


To sum it all up (and possibly oversimplify it), Edwards was going through incredible stress, was lonely as well as angry, and acted out.  Given the transits he has coming up in this fall season, it's likely that there will be more coming to light about Edwards. 


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