"How To Say I Love You – Astrologically"

We typically give love the way we want to receive it without considering how our lover may define love . . . and how that may differ from our own definition.

When it comes to love, the sign Venus falls in takes precedence over the Sun sign.

For Venus in Aries

They love surprises: present an adventure or a first “edition” such as a CD that has just been released or tickets to a premier performance. More important, let an Aries know that she or he comes first with you. The gift is less important.

For Venus in Taurus

Be as luxurious as possible: have dinner at an expensive restaurant, savor a good bottle of wine or make a gift of fancy perfume. If you're on less of a budget, give your loved one a massage or some sensual bath oils. Make them feel pampered.

For Venus in Gemini

Communicate, communicate, communicate. Heady gifts of books, magazines or unique subscriptions will count. Look for the intellectual exchanges that say “I love you.”

For Venus in Cancer

Focus on home and family: prepare a delicious home cooked candlelight dinner using favorite recipes. As the saying goes, the way to the heart is often through the stomach. Snuggle.

For Venus in Leo

The grander the better: diamonds are nice. If you're on a lesser budget, a magnanimous gesture will do. Go for entertainment: movies, theater or concerts. Be sure to tell them how wonderful they are. Leos want to feel important.

For Venus in Virgo

Do something tangible. As unromantic as it may seem, doing the dishes or taking out the garbage will get you everywhere. The gift of time will matter. Be helpful and considerate.

For Venus in Libra

Show appreciation and be a partner. Offer thoughtful gifts: movie tickets, his and her matching jewelry or new golf putters. Tuck a love note into a jacket pocket or purse.

For Venus in Scorpio

Exude passion all the way: a romantic dinner, a bubble bath for two, an intense interlude. It’s all about profuse sensuality and great sex.

For Venus in Sagittarius

Tell the adventurous Sagittarius in your life that you love him/her just the way he/she is. Satisfy their wanderlust with sporting tickets, travel, or a weekend getaway in the country.

For Venus in Capricorn

Sensible is key. Show Capricorns that they are respected by offering practical gifts of superior craftsmanship, such as shawls and scarves, decorative storage baskets or fine-grained leather wallets.

For Venus in Aquarius

Appreciates something new, unusual or out of the ordinary: give her/him something quirky like an original piece of jewelry that no one else would wear. And converse. Let the Aquarius in your life know that they are your best friends. They'll find this romantic.

For Venus in Pisces

Embrace their sentimental nature with something thoughtful and aesthetically beautiful like one perfect rose on a satin pillow.

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