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President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and Scooter Libby's
Cycles All Tied Together

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Scooter Libby – Born 8/22/50 New Haven, CT. Unfortunately no time is available, so his cycles cannot be completely delineated.

What is interesting is at the time of his arrest, transiting Mars was square his natal Pluto. Mars is the planet of war and conflict. Pluto rules, among other things, subterfuge, covert operations, and the masses. In September when in all likelihood the indictment was being planned, transiting Saturn was conjunct his Venus and square his Mars. Saturn transits are typically when people get caught with any wrongdoing.

More trouble for Libby is brewing especially in February and March. Aspects from transiting Mars, Saturn, and Pluto increase the likelihood of further revelations and increased conflict.

Dick Cheney, Born January 30, 1941, 7:30 PM, Lincoln, NE.

Interestingly enough, transiting Saturn was opposing Cheney's Sun in Aquarius exactly on October 28 when Libby was arrested.

There is little probability of Cheney being able to keep a low profile or operate without public scrutiny in the near future. His reputation is likely to take a dive in December, 2005. More revelations will follow in January, 2006. Cheney's involvement with the Valerie Plame debacle is likely to surface in the spring to early summer, if not before then.

George W. Bush, Born July 6, 1946, 7:26 AM, New Haven, CT

Last year I predicted that Bush's popularity would plummet in June, 2005. As of this writing in November, 2005, his ratings are under 40%. Even his normal base, right-wing Christian Fundamentalists are unhappy with him.

Bush had his second Saturn return in June of 2005. Saturn returns are times to grow up, face responsibility, and possibly face the music. Transiting Saturn reached his Leo Ascendant in September, 2005 and his Mercury and Pluto in October, 2005.

Bush's Pluto is in the same degree in Leo as Cheney's Sun is in Aquarius. This involves transiting Saturn with Bush's chart at the time of Libby's arrest. By December, 2005, Bush is likely to encounter more problems because of Libby and Cheney.

Irrational behavior on Bush's part at the end of January and February as transiting Uranus opposes Mars will likely make matters worse. He continues to be wounded by association in March as Chiron conjuncts his seventh house cusp.

Saturn is back on his Ascendant, Mercury, and Pluto in June and July and Chiron opposes his Ascendant once again. This brings more bad news for him, more accountability, and further problems based on his associates.

Mars is active again in September and October, as progressed Mars conjuncts the Moon and solar arc Mars squares the Ascendant. An attack on his life is possible. Further injuries to popularity with the public are likely, including possible difficulties with his political base.

It looks as if the fall elections favor the Democrats.

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