Tom DeLay Leaves the House of Representatives

Tom DeLay (a/k/a the Hammer) – April 8, 1947 9:47 PM Laredo, TX
Congressman from Texas

In November I wrote an article on Tom DeLay's "troubles" and what would be likely to happen in the months that followed. The following is an update of what's transpired since then. I've placed the original article at the end.

The 11-term Republican Congressman from Texas left the House of Representatives. He is currently under indictment in Texas and out of power in Washington. In January his friend Jack Abramoff pleaded guilty to defrauding Native American tribes, tax evasion, and conspiracy to bribe public officials. DeLay's former communications director Michael Scanlon pleaded guilty to conspiring to bribe public officials when he left DeLay's office to work with Abramoff. Other staff members have shown the same proclivities. DeLay's former deputy chief of staff Tony Rudy admitted to taking bribes while working for the Hammer. Another former chief of staff, Edwin Buckham, steered money to the Rudys. DeLay's wife was on Buckman's payroll. And DeLay chief of staff, Susan Hirschmann accepted $84,000 in free travel in 26 months.

DeLay's reaction to all of this has been to feign ignorance. DeLay's legacy is seen as dismantling the barriers between Capitol Hill and K Street lobbyists. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has said, "A large part of his legacy will be a culture of corruption that he built here in the Congress of the United States."

DeLay's resignation statement--very Aries-Scorpio--shows that he is truly a someone who will not go quietly into the night.

"In preparing for today, I found that it is customary in speeches such as these to reminisce about the good old days of political harmony and across-the-aisle camaraderie and to lament the bitter, divisive partisan rancor that supposedly now weakens our democracy. Well, I can't do that. It is not the principled partisan, however obnoxious he may seem to his opponents, who degrades our public debate, but the preening, self-styled statesman who elevates compromise to a first principle." Tom DeLay

As I write this now, transiting Saturn will conjoin DeLay's Pluto once again in July and the North Node will conjoin his Mars, putting the South Node in the career sector of his chart. Transiting Chiron will square Chiron in August while transiting Jupiter forms a square to Pluto. Transiting Pluto will affect his chart for years to come. The eclipses continue to trigger his career-family axis.

More revelations are likely, again having to do with financial misfeasance. Perhaps we'll hear more revelations regarding funds transferred to family members.

Earlier Article on DeLay written in November, 2005

Tom DeLay – April 8, 1947 9:47 PM Laredo, TX
Congressman from Texas

Tom DeLay was arrested on October 20, 2005 on charges of criminal conspiracy and money laundering.

Up until now DeLay has been pretty lucky in his life. With Jupiter Rising in Scorpio conjunct the Moon in a grand trine (the most favorable aspect possible) with Saturn in Leo and Mars and Mercury in Pisces, and the Sun in Aries trine Pluto, DeLay started out in life with a considerable advantage. The Aries – Scorpio combination makes him self-directed and driven as well as lucky.

It is reported that he keeps a black book in his office of who's contributed to the Republican Party, and only those who have contributed are allowed in—very Scorpio.

DeLay has been accused of misconduct before, but this is the first time charges seem to be sticking. Astrologically speaking, while he has some favorable planetary combinations coming up, his problems are not over.

DeLay had his Saturn Return in July, 2005. In August he had a meeting with the Texas prosecutor regarding his involvement with funneling corporate funds into Texas for state elections, which just happens to be illegal. This money was used to help Republicans reorder the state congressional districts and elect more Republican Congressmen. DeLay's arrest occurred on October 20, 2005.

As I write this in November, 2005, transiting Saturn is about to station on DeLay's Pluto. Pluto just so happens to rule big money, the masses, and power and control issues. Scorpio Rising makes Pluto a very important planet in his chart—the chart ruler.

Transiting Pluto has passed the last square to his Mercury in Pisces and opposition to his Uranus in Gemini, but still remains to square his Mars in 2008. This means that the power struggles are far from over—even if by some chance he gets off on these charges.

Transiting Uranus will conjunct his Venus again March, 2006, following transiting Mars conjunct his Descendant and opposing his Moon in February as Pluto forms a sessiquadrate to its natal position and Saturn forms a sessiquadrate to Mercury. Mercury rules his MC, or career direction, making it an important planet.

Two eclipses occur March. The solar eclipse on March 14 squares transiting Pluto, reinforcing issues of power and control. This eclipse falls in DeLay's tenth house, affecting his public image, and forms oppositions to Mercury and Mars and a wide square to Uranus.

Transiting Uranus will be in DeLay's fourth house for quite some time. In politics the fourth house rules the opposing party, and the likelihood that they will let up on DeLay is not high.

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