President George Bush & the United States Chart

The following is an article I wrote that was published in the June NCGR Memberletter. Feel free to forward this article to anyone you believe will be interested.

President Bush was born July 6, 1946, at 7:26 AM in New Haven, CT, under the sign of Cancer.

Personal Characteristics

Bush is the second person to follow his father to become President. Interestingly enough, the first was John Quincy Adams, also a Cancer. Cancer is sign steeped in family tradition, and the tradition of politics run deep in Bush's family. Not only was his father President, his brother is a governor, and his grandfather was an esteemed Senator who showed great courage in his time by standing up to Joseph McCarthy.

Symbolically, Cancer represents the mother of the Zodiac, the sign that takes care of his/her own. His own can refer to his family or his country. Me and mine are what are important. Cancer is a sensitive water sign, sensitive to others and sensitive to self. Criticism, even constructive, can seem to Cancer like "you don't love me."

Bush's Sun falls in the Twelfth House of the subconscious mind. This placement makes it hard to see himself as others see him. It simultaneously heightens his intuition and his naivete, which means that he's not always the best judge of whom to trust.

The Moon Conjuncts Jupiter in Libra and both Square the Sun in Cancer show that Bush is used to the good life. Opportunity and abundance were family inheritances. In many ways he has a positive attitude toward life, with a tendency to overdo. The Square to the Sun in the Twelfth House further highlights his tendency for overindulgence, albeit which turned into problems with alcohol.

With Leo Rising and Venus in the First House, it's easy to cover up any of Cancer's insecurities. He appears to be self-assured. He naturally exudes charm. The Mercury-Pluto Conjunction also in the First House gives him a delving mind coupled with a highly opinionated nature. Once he makes up his mind, he's unlikely to change it.

Planetary declinations show willfulness beyond what's evidenced by Bush's planetary placements in longitude. By declination his Sun is Conjunct Uranus, Pluto, and the North Node. This gives him a far more driven quality, and a stronger desire for control, than is otherwise visible. It also propels him into the public eye more readily than the rest of the chart would indicate.

The Ancestor Syndrome

The ancestor syndrome is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on repetitive transgenerational links in the family tree. The war with Iraq was initiated during the first President George Bush, George W's father, presidency. This was followed by a weak economy. Bush Sr. initiated the war in Iraq when Mars, the planet symbolizing war, turned Retrograde (appeared to move backwards), over his Mercury. The U.S. helped to liberate Kuwait, but Bush Sr.'s initiative was ultimately flawed because of leaving Saddam Hussein in power.

Tecumseh's Curse

After the battle of Tippecanoe in 1811, Shawnee Indian Chief Tecumseh sent General William Henry Harrison a message via released prisoners. That message was a prophecy that has been labeled "Tecumseh's Curse." The curse foretold that if Harrison became President, he would die in office. And when he died, Tecumseh's brother, who had been killed in the battle of Tippecanoe would be remembered. And after Harrison every Great Chief chosen every twenty years thereafter would die in office. Up to this time, no President had ever died in office. This twenty-year cycle is associated astrologically with the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, which occurs every twenty years. Jupiter and Saturn represent the social structure of society and its rules.

George W. Bush was elected in December, 2000, which constitutes a zero year in the twenty year cycle.

Present Cycles

Since April of 2000, Neptune has been transiting Bush's Seventh House and forming difficult aspects to his Ascendant, Mercury, and Pluto. The Seventh House represents one-to-one partnerships and "open enemies." Mercury represents thinking and communicating. On a higher level, Neptune represents spirituality and idealism. On a lower level, it represents fog, illusion, and deception. This puts Bush in a murky decision-making timeframe.

Saddam Hussein certainly constitutes an open enemy and reinforces the likelihood (no surprise) that Hussein was lying about having chemicals and other weapons. However, the Neptune problem runs deeper than Hussein. With these cycles, Bush should also not trust his advisors. If he were my client and he were not the President, I'd tell him not to make any important decisions at this time. Obviously, it's impossible for a President not to make important decisions. However, at this time in his life, it's also impossible to know whom to trust.

Transiting Pluto stationed at 19 Sagittarius 57 in March, 2003, Opposing Bush's progressed MC. The war in Iraq began during this time. Pluto transits are associated with death and destruction.

The May 31st Eclipse at 9 Gemini forms a Square to Bush's Mars. It also Conjoins Uranus in the United States chart. The two most commonly used horoscopes for the United States have Sagittarius and Gemini Rising. This Eclipse either Conjuncts the US Ascendant or Descendant, depending on the chart of your choice. In either case, the Eclipse point, also conjoining Uranus, warns of more explosives to come. This is particularly true as the US Mars at 20 Gemini receives an Opposition from transiting Pluto this year.

From June to August, 2003, transiting Mars (ruler of war, guns, knives, arms) Conjoins Pluto (ruler of bombs and destruction) by declination. In June and September, transiting Mars transiting Conjoins Uranus. Mars turns Retrograde at the end of July and stays Retrograde through September 28. In September and November, Mars Opposes transiting Jupiter. Transiting Mars Retrograde opposes President Bush's Mars in July and August and again in October. Transiting Mars Squares the United States Uranus in July and August and again in November. These aspects further warn of the likelihood of terrorism on US soil as well as conflict elsewhere in the world.

Bush's progressed MC came to 19 Gemini to Conjunct Uranus in February, 2003. It will Conjunct the North Node in Gemini in August. Bush's progressed MC will parallel the Node in August and Uranus in November. Bush's solar arc MC will Conjunct Uranus in late October. Transiting Saturn stations in October on Bush's Sun in the Twelfth House and simultaneously Conjuncts the United States Sun, both at 13 Cancer.

The MC represents one's career and the public. Uranus represents sudden, unexpected events, as well as explosions. The North Node connects one to the public. Uranus rules the Eighth House of death in Bush's chart. The Conjunction of the ruler of the Eighth House to the MC and the Opposition from Pluto make this a very dangerous year for Bush and warns of the possibility of death. The danger is exacerbated by transiting Saturn Conjunct his Sun in the Twelfth House of hidden enemies. Since Leo is Rising, the Sun rules the Ascendant, which relates to the physical body. Saturn simultaneously Conjuncts the Sun in the US chart, which represents the fate of the leader.

The most benign view of these aspects would be a dramatic fall in popularity for Bush because of a very difficult economy. A more dramatic scenario would be Tecumseh's curse being revisited upon the US. Even a more moderate scenario would include an assassination attempt.

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