Don Imus' Firing

 On April 11, 2007, Don Imus was fired from his syndicated radio show for calling women on the Rutgers University women's basketball team "nappy-headed hos."  Some see Imus as a sinner, others a saint.  While his radio program is full of racist and misogynist remarks, he is also noted for his charitable works, including helping underprivileged minority children.

The remarks that Imus was fired for were not out of line with the nature of his broadcasts.  So, why did these remarks create such a stir?  A look at Imus' chart provides some answers.  First, let's look at his birth chart.  Then we can look at his astrological cycles for 2007.

AstroDatabank gives Imus' birth data as July 23, 1940 at 1:33 PM in Riverside, CA.   He has the Sun, Pluto, and Mars in Leo, Mercury and Chiron in Cancer, Venus in Gemini, the Moon in Pisces, Scorpio Rising, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus in Taurus, and Neptune and Ceres in Virgo.

His Cancer and Leo planets all fall in the Ninth House, a perfect placement for broadcasting.  This helps to give him a big picture world view.  Leo represents the star.  Imus has a clear drive to be important.  Scorpio Rising and the Sun Conjunct Pluto provide the drive to manically work toward that goal.  These planetary placements also give him deep insight into human character and little tolerance for what might be called "bs."  There's no stopping him when he wants something or he believes he's right—regardless of what others may think.  With his Mercury in Cancer Conjunct Chiron, the Sun, and Pluto, his words can certainly wound—and at times I'm sure they are meant to.  Getting in a good dig can be quite pleasurable for him.  And his insight into human nature shows him just where to strike.

At the same time, Imus has the Moon in Pisces in a T-Square with Venus in Gemini and Neptune and Ceres in Virgo.  This makes him kind and compassionate.  He possesses deep sympathy for the underdog or those in need.  And he's not always the best judge of character when his sympathies are aroused.  This combination, along with his compulsiveness, also point to his past drug and alcohol issues.

So, here we have a man who can be difficult, demanding, and caustic who cares little what other people think.  And yet at this same man is kindhearted and sympathetic.  His willingness to go out of his way to help others is evidenced by his fundraising for the Center for the Intrepid in Texas.  Imus helped raise $6 million to treat soldiers wounded in Iraq.  

Astrology shows us just how complex we human beings are.  Rarely is a person's character all good or all bad.

Over the years Imus' sharp tongue has offended fellow broadcasters, politicians, civil rights leaders, and feminists.  What was different this time were the planetary placements triggering his chart.  Transiting Saturn came to a Station on Imus' Midheaven (career) in December, 2006.  Saturn is the planet of duty and responsibility, also authority.  For some it conjures up the image of the grim reaper.  A person with transiting Saturn at the Midheaven faces an extreme of fates.  It can be the height of one's career, or a fall from grace. 

In January, transiting Pluto formed an exact opposition to Imus' Venus in Gemini.  Harsh aspects from Pluto have to do with loss.  Imus' last outburst caused not only a loss of popularity, but a considerable loss of income from his radio program. 

This year Imus' progressed Mars conjoins his Neptune connoting "confused actions."  This aspect will be exact in June, but is certainly within orb now.

And most significantly, during April Imus' progressed Moon in Leo conjoined his Midheaven, where Saturn stationed in December.  Personally, the Moon represents one's feelings, but on a societal level, the Moon represents the public.  And ultimately, it was the public outcry that caused Imus' sponsors to withdraw sponsorship for his show, which in turn caused MSNBC to cancel it.


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