Sun in Gemini

Keywords:  I Think, Versatility, Intelligence

Gemini is a mutable air sign ruled by Mercury.  True to your Mercury ruler, you have a keen intellect, an inquisitive mind, and a quick wit.  There is a love of learning and you question everything.  As a child, very likely, you followed your mother around asking for explanations—questioning why are things the way they are.  As an adult, you still want explanations and find it hard to trust anything that cannot be explained logically.  Intellectual stimulation is a life long necessity.  This stimulation may come from advanced degrees, adult education classes, reading, or just talking to people. 

You excel in all fields that involve communication and persuasiveness.  This includes speaking, writing, teaching, reporting, selling, public relations, and inventing.  You may also have ability to work with your hands.  In whatever you do, variety is a must.  You dislike routine and are better at multitasking than finishing one project at a time.  Once you have learned enough about what you are doing to satisfy your curiosity, you may become bored and want to do something else.  Because of this, you work much better in positions where you come up with ideas and others carry them out, thereby leaving you free to move on to the next project.

Intellectual companionship is important.  On a casual level you get along with people easily.  Your sharp mind and terrific sense of humor make you an enjoyable companion, and you are attentive to anyone whose conversation you find interesting.  You put others at ease and truly enjoy collecting the bits of information learned through conversation.  These traits contribute to your persuasiveness, which you have fun with.  You may argue a position, whether or not you believe in it, just to see if you can convince people.  You question others for your own edification and willingly change your mind if you discover evidence contrary to your beliefs.   These traits can lead to misunderstandings.  To you ideas are not personal.  Because of this, it is hard to understand that others may perceive your probing as an indication of lack of trust or as an attack and that changing your mind may be perceived as unreliability.  

Unless Saturn is strong in your chart, your changeability, in fact, may be unreliability.  In all situations, you hate to be fenced in.  You do not want to be questioned.  You want to come and go as you please, including in romance.  Given that freedom, you may not go far; but there is a need to believe that you have it.  You also want the freedom to change your mind—even if it means reneging on commitments.  And while you enjoy debate, you dislike actual conflict; so you tend to sidestep issues rather than deal with them truthfully.  And your arguments are so persuasive that you may even convince yourself.  It is important to recognize the line between adaptability and unreliability.

Joyce says: 

Traits to treasure:  The ease in which you come up with ideas and communicate with people.

To transform:  Avoid letting adaptability turn into unreliability and honestly say what you mean instead of talking your way out of uncomfortable situations.

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