The Florida Shooting and Cultural Change

Joyce Levine

(This originally appeared in the NCGR Boston Chapter Newsletter and NCGR E-News on March 6,, 2018)

I started out planning on writing about Nikolas Cruz’s shootings at the Marjory Stoneham Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, but in the last few days I realized the more important change was a societal one.

Just as “me too” became a movement, I believe the voices of the students at this school will engender one. Anyone who watched the Town Meeting on CNN last night (February 21) couldn’t help but be inspired (and incredibly sad at the same time). There were students, parents, and teachers speaking “truth to power.”

One student asked Senator Marco Rubio if he would pledge not to take money from the National Rifle Association. Rubio tried to deflect the question, and the students wouldn’t let him get away with it.

The long term transits of Pluto and Neptune determine societal trends. Pluto always brings out the “dark side” of the sign it transits. Capricorn represents authority, big business, government, and the power structure.

This in no way implies that the conditions being brought forth are new. Pluto’s transits sheds light on them, so ideally they can be “transformed.”

Neptune’s transit in a sign represents what becomes idealized. Neptune, being the ruler of Pisces, is particularly strong in this sign. Together they represent, among other things, those without power. The Civil War began the last time that Neptune transited Pisces.

This led me to look at the chart of the National Rifle Association, which was founded on November 16, 1871 in Albany, New York. Noon is typically used for a company when no time is available; this time seems to work very well with this chart.

The natal chart has the Sun and Ceres in Scorpio in the ninth house conjunct the Midheaven opposite Pluto in Taurus in the third house, Saturn and Mars conjunct in Capricorn, and the Moon in Capricorn in the twelfth house square Neptune in Aries in the second house.

On February 14, 2018, the NRA was having a Saturn Return, with Saturn at 6 degrees of Capricorn exactly conjoining the NRA’s Mars-Saturn conjunction. Transiting Pluto at 20 degrees of Capricorn was conjoining the NRA’s Moon at 19 degrees and forming a square to Neptune at 21 degrees of Aries.

Pluto’s South Node is at 19 degrees of Capricorn. The solar eclipse that occurred that day was at 26 Aquarius square the Sun, Ceres, and the Midheaven in Scorpio and Pluto in Taurus. 

Saturn is the “Lord of Karma.” Under Saturn cycles in essence, you get what you earn – one way or the other.

Pluto transits are associated with death. Death does not have to refer to physical death. It generally has to do with losses that are beyond one’s control. Given that the South Node of Pluto is 19 Capricorn, its transit at this degree gives it heightened strength.

The solar arc chart places the Sun at 21 Aries conjunct Neptune. The solar arc North Node conjoins Ceres at 20 Scorpio. Solar arc Venus at 6 Pisces is semi-square Neptune at 21 Aries. The solar arc Mercury at 29 Aries is square Jupiter at 29 Cancer and will square Uranus at 1 Leo in less than two years.

The Sun in the secondary progressed chart is the same as that in the solar arc chart, so it forms the same aspects to the natal chart. The secondary progressed Sun had formed a square to secondary progressed Saturn in September of 2017. 

There was a progressed full Moon three months earlier and the Moon conjoins the IC within one degree. Progressed Saturn has passed the Moon in Capricorn.  Progressed Mars in Taurus in is still within orb of the square to Jupiter in Cancer and applying to the square to Uranus.

The Sun in a chart represents the sense of identity and in a mundane chart represents the CEO and those in charge. The conjunction with Neptune can represent a loss of power.  The square to the progressed Saturn, which was a little more than a degree away from the natal Moon in Capricorn, can also indicated problems with the public (Moon).

In mythology, Ceres was the mother who stopped the harvests as she mourned for her child who was abducted to the underworld. The parallel between this and the school shooting can’t be missed. I look at Ceres in a natal chart as representing the mother and the family.

To me, this conjunction of the solar arc North Node to Ceres in the ninth house signifies a time when these issues connect with the public.

Semi-squares are frequently overlooked aspects. The solar arc semi-square of Venus and Neptune continues the theme of loss.

The Mercury trines to Jupiter and Uranus in the natal chart have now moved into squares. Their communications are not likely to be so “lucky.” Progressed Mars now square to Jupiter and applying to square Uranus adds fuel to this. Interestingly enough, progressed Mars is in the second house of money on the cusp of the third house of communication.

Transits happen all the time. This is the 5th Saturn return for the NRA and while there have been criticisms of it for years, events like the Town Hall meeting have never occurred before (at least to my knowledge).

Significant transits, solar arcs, and progressions occurring at the same time signify much more important changes. In addition, the Sagittarius Rising chart for the U.S. has the Moon at 26 Aquarius, the exact degree of the eclipse.

The gun control issue is not going away. In the past, people have been saddened by school shootings, but quickly moved on to return to their lives. The brave action of these students has made this issue real and indelibly imprinted in people’s minds. That this could happen anywhere and that their own children were not safe. Change will come.


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