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Predictions for 2009

For 2009 it is very difficult to separate the economy from politics as economic conditions engender governmental action.

Watch for: 

The Economy

  • The beginning of a long-term changes in the world-wide financial system.

  • Stock market volatility to continue. 

  • Bear market rallies, with more downside to come.

  • Sectors that are likely to do well in the stock market involve innovation – biotech, high tech, stem cell research.

  • Decline in housing prices to continue.

  • Increase in minimum wage.

  • The silver lining - people priced out of the housing market will be able to afford homes.


  • A government stimulus package that rivals President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal.

  • Unions make a comeback.

  • Retraining programs for displaced workers.

  • Middle class taxpayer revolution begins.

  • Executive pay reined in.

  • Increased regulatory laws passed.

  • The Federal Reserve system comes under increasing pressure.

  • Protectionist laws passed. 

  • The end of Perestroika in Russia.


Mercury Retrograde Cycles

How to Successfully Navigate Communication Snafus for 2009

If you know anything about astrology, you have probably heard the term Mercury Retrograde.  Mercury, the winged messenger of the gods, is the planet associated with communication.  This includes writing, speaking, and reasoning.  Mercury is also associated with mechanical and electrical items.  Retrograde is an astronomical phenomenon during which a planet appears to stop in its orbit and move backwards. 

Mercury Retrograde periods occur three times a year.  In 2009 the dates are January 11 to February 2, May 7 to May 31, and September 7 to September 29.

Simply put Mercury Retrograde periods are associated with communication snafus and mechanical and electrical items going awry.  During these timeframes, communication mishaps occur more frequently. People are late for appointments or don't show up at all, or show up at the wrong place.  Because of the possibility of miscommunication and unreliable information, it's best to avoid signing contracts or agreements.  Mechanical and electrical items are prone to go out of whack.

So what can you do?  First, before Mercury Retrograde begins, make sure you back up your computer, put air in your tires, and get an oil change if one is due. 

During the Retrograde, focus on finishing up old project and doing the research required for new ones. 

The Mercury Retrograde timeframe is favorable for writing or rewriting that proposal you've been meaning to get to; so that once Mercury turns Direct (appears to move forward), you're ready to go.  It's also favorable for reconsidering your goals and deciding what you'd like to do next.  If more mundane matters require attention, it's perfect for reconciling the checkbook or cleaning out the closets.  By getting current and clearing away what you no longer want, you create psychic space for future opportunity.

To find out how cycles affect you personally, contact Joyce to set up an appointment at 617-354-7075 or

Joyce Levine is a full-time professional consulting astrologer, lecturer, teacher, and author with over 30 years experience. She serves as a catalyst for her clients (1) to recognize their natural abilities and use them to overcome their personal obstacles to success, and (2) to take action at the right time to attain desired results. Joyce consults with individuals, couples, families, and businesses.