Corona Virus -
 Solar Eclipse December 2019

Although I expected some sort of economic downturn, the pandemic was beyond what I could imagine.

Sadly, this has brought about the worst of Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter in Capricorn.  Capricorn is the sign of business.  Pluto is the planet of, among other things, death.  Saturn is the planet that brings chickens home to roost.  And Jupiter is the planet that makes things bigger.  Mother nature is certainly not happy with the way humankind has been treating the earth – and Capricorn is an earth sign.

Many thought the last solar eclipse on December 26, 2019 was favorable as the eclipse conjoined Jupiter – frequently seen as the optimistic planet of prosperity.  I had another interpretation in looking at this.  Jupiter also makes things bigger – so if something is favorable; it gets better, but if something is unfavorable, Jupiter makes it worse. 

This eclipse occurred opposite the US Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Cancer.  Oppositions in mundane astrology generally have to do with losing power.  I use the Gemini Rising chart for the US.  This chart puts Venus and Jupiter in the money sector of the horoscope.  Venus and Jupiter represent, among other things, prosperity.  Many use the Sagittarius Rising charts for the US instead of the Gemini Rising chart – but either way the eclipse opposed Venus and Jupiter. 

In addition, the eclipse, which conjoined the Nodal axis, had Hades conjunct the North Node in Cancer.  Hades is a Uranian planet, which is like another Pluto.  It’s associated with disintegration, sorrow, loss, and impoverishment.  In Uranian astrology, the Nodes are connected with the public.  This conjunction occurred in tenth house for Washington DC.  The tenth house overlooks the rest of the chart.  It represents the head of state as well as the reputation of a country. 

The eclipse chart relocated for New York City has planets located in the same sectors of the chart, but the North Node – Hades conjunction is even closer to the Midheaven.

In addition, this chart has the recently found planet Eris in Aries in square aspects to Saturn and Pluto.  In mythology, Eris was the goddess of strife – and is credited with starting the Trojan War.

While the corona virus had already begun to spread in China at the time of the eclipse, the Chinese government did not report any deaths until January 10. 

At first President Trump dismissed the seriousness of the virus, rather than preparing for an epidemic here.  But transiting Mars moved forward to conjoin the eclipse point on February 22 and Jupiter on February 23, and oppose the North Node and Hades on February 28, there was no longer any denying it.  As transiting Jupiter reached the eclipse Saturn on March 7 and Pluto on March 15, the virus continued to spread.  By the time transiting Mars reached Saturn on March 16 and Pluto on March 19, a full blown pandemic had been declared.

Just remember that while the current shutdown affects all of us, not everyone will be affected equally.

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