Sun in Capricorn

I Use, Conservative, Conscientious

Capricorn is a cardinal, earth sign ruled by Saturn.  You are serious, sensible, self-disciplined, and dedicated to duty.  Skeptical by nature, you approach life from a pragmatic point of view.  Before you believe anything, you want tangible proof.  You have no interest in abstract ideas, but judge ideas by their workability.  This trait makes you an astute businessperson.  Talents may also lie in physical sciences, medicine, and law. 

True to your ruler Saturn, you have been mature and responsible, accepting societal rules of right and wrong from an early age.  This, coupled with the tendency to be somber and reserved, may not have made childhood much fun.  Frequently young Capricorn people get along better with adults than with children.  Life tends gets easier as you get older, as at some point age catches up with maturity.  In fact, you may enjoy yourself more as you get older after having satisfied a quest for success.  Capricorn is the only sign that becomes more youthful with age.

You are patient, persistent, and good organizer.  This coupled with discipline and a strong sense of purpose endows you with the capacity for hard work.  You play by the rules of whatever environment you are in and put in the time and effort it takes to get ahead.  In performing tasks, you look to tradition to see how they were handled and then improve upon standard methods. 

There is respect for authority because ultimately you want to be the authority figure.  Status and position, power and money, and being looked up to and respected, mean a great deal.  Not every Capricorn becomes a CEO; but in order to have a sense of achievement, you must be in charge of whatever you are doing, no matter how large or small. 

An unlikely naivete stems from the belief that those who follow the rules and do what is right will be rewarded for their effort.  If life does not turn out so fairly, it is possible to become melancholy or self-pitying. 

Your social and political views are conservative and your lifestyle prudent. This, combined with your fondness for tradition and belief that people should get what they earn, can lead to being dogmatic.  It is important not to let a law and order point of view turn into cruelty and intolerance.

Joyce says: 

Traits to treasure: your reliability and responsibility combined with pragmatism and capacity for hard work. 

To transform:  avoid letting conservatism and turn into dogmatism by being tolerant of other people's values.

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