Sun in Cancer

Cancer is a cardinal, water sign.  Her key words are, "I feel."  Cancer rules the chest, breasts, and the stomach.  True to her ruler, the Moon, Cancer derives information from the world around her through her instincts and feelings.  She cannot explain how she knows, she just does.  Also, since her ruler, the Moon, is the repository of memories, Cancer vividly remembers the past.  She retains strong family bonds regardless of the ease or difficulty of the relationships or geographical distance.        

Whether a male or female, Cancer represents the mother of the Zodiac.  She protects, sustains, and nurtures.  She's sensitive to the needs of others as well to her own.  Home and family come first.  She takes care of her aging parents as she would her children.  At her best, she extends the protectiveness of a family environment to friends, co-workers, social organizations, town, country. 

Her ability to perceive what's going on beneath the surface, what's unspoken, manifests in her lending a helping hand to others without their having to ask.  She shows up with chicken soup for a sick friend or makes sure co-workers have a place to go for holiday dinners. 

The unspoken deal Cancer makes with Significant Others is, "You take care of me, and I'll take care of you."  At her worst, she portrays the mother figure who manipulates those around her with guilt when they do not comply with her spoken or unspoken demands.  She can also be amazingly insensitive to the plight of those not in her "group."      

While Cancer is sensitive to even the most constructive criticism, her reputation for timidity is much overrated.  It comes from her dislike of starting anything until she knows how it will end.  If she's on step one and she doesn't know how step ten will turn out, she feels insecure and has difficulty taking action.  This leads her to procrastinate, but in familiar situations, Cancer initiates without difficulty.

Cancer, like Taurus, values security, financial and emotional, above all else.  She worries about the future.  She must have money saved for a rainy day--which she never expects to spend.  When it comes to romance, she wants assurances that she will be loved forever before she consents to get involved.  On becoming a parent, she has to take care that her concern for her children's safety does not interfere with her relationship with her spouse.           

Obviously, not all Cancers are women who stay home with children.  Those in the work place are motivated by the desire to provide security for themselves and their families.     

Cancer hates disagreements.  She sidesteps direct conflict like the crab retreating into its shell, but she displays expertise in passive resistance.  She can retreat to food for comfort when upset.  And even when she's not upset, she has to be careful of gaining weight easily and retaining water.     

While Cancer's curiosity pries secrets out of others, she keeps hers hidden, along with the mementos that she saves for their sentimental value.  Scorpio is usually considered the most secretive sign of the Zodiac, but Cancer has her beat. While Scorpio does not tell others what she does not want to, Cancer purposely goes out of her way to hide what she considers personal.

 excerpt from A Beginner's Guide to Astrological Interpretation

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