Bernie Sanders


A quick look at Bernie Sanders’ chart. Sanders was born on September 8, 1941 in Brooklyn, New York. The time of 12:27 p.m. has been circulating in astrological circles, attributed to a friend of someone working on the Sanders campaign. While I’m generally suspect of unverified times, this time does seem to work very well with Sanders’ current cycles – so for purposes of this delineation, I’m using it.

In political circles, there’s always the question of does the man make the times, or do the times make the man.” Sanders’ political positions have been consistent throughout his entire life, although they have been in and out of favor with the times. So now I’d say that with the Uranus/Pluto square still in effect and the Saturn/Neptune square in full force, Sanders time has come. The Uranus/Pluto square brings forth upheaval and change, the little guy against the status quo. (I’ve been waiting for years for this square to manifest in the U.S. Now I’m hearing news commentator saying exactly what I have been pointing out—also for years--that with the last square in the 1930s, the U.S. got Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Germany got Hitler.) We can only hope for the best now. The Saturn/Neptune square pits reality against illusion. The illusions of a prosperous economy are now being shattered. 

The 12:27 p.m. time gives Sanders Scorpio Rising, puts his Virgo Sun, North Node, and Neptune in the tenth house, as well as Mercury in Libra. Venus is in Libra, Jupiter and Uranus in Gemini, Saturn in Taurus, and Pluto in Leo. The Moon and Mars are conjoined in Aries – and the Moon conjoins the Uranian planet Hades, all in the fifth house. 

The Moon/Mars conjunction in Aries gives Sanders his fighting spirit. The Uranian planet Hades also conjoins the Moon. Hades is often found in charts of people who work with, and have deep understandings, of those less fortunate.” Planets that fall in the tenth house contribute to someone’s career – and with three planets here, Sanders was sure to stand out regardless of what he chose to do. The combination of the Sun, North Node, Neptune, and Mercury point to high ideals. (I should also point out that a less favorable interpretation is possible – that of a skilled con artist – but I have to admit that I’m a Sanders fan, so that’s not how I see him.) However, these planets do form squares to Jupiter, which can exaggerate goals. Sanders is no doubt an idealist, yet his Neptune forms a trine with Saturn – the possibility of bringing dreams down to earth.

Sanders was born between two eclipses, the lunar on September 5, 1941, and the solar on September 21. Mars formed a station two days before his birth, so is very close to station in his chart. A stationary planet exerts an incredible influence on a person. Interestingly, Mars in Aries is in its own sign, and Venus in Libra is also in its own sign. Venus in Libra is the epitome of social grace. Mars in Aries is the epitome of a warrior. Scorpio Rising adds passion and determination, as well as staying power. 

Assuming this birth time is accurate, Sanders progressed Midheaven has just passed the conjunction to his Ascendant, giving prominence to his authority and career. His progressed Ascendant will parallel the Midheaven in June, reinforcing this aspect. In September of 2015, transiting Uranus conjoined his Moon and transiting Jupiter conjoined his Midheaven and entered the tenth house.  This combination gave him “luck” and optimism and enhanced his fighting spirit.

Transiting Saturn in the first house opposed his Uranus also in September, contributing to his building a structure to move his campaign forward.   In October, Jupiter conjoined his Sun—more optimism, good luck, and professional prominence.

Transiting Pluto formed a trine to his Sun in January as transiting Jupiter conjoined his North Node and transiting Neptune opposed his Midheaven.  It’s very likely that Sanders’ campaign is a transformational experience for him as well as for the country, providing hope, and perhaps a little too much idealism.

Transiting Jupiter conjoined his Sun again in March as Uranus formed a sextile to his Jupiter. In March he won primaries in Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington and went on to break his own fund-raising record, pulling in more than $44 million – an unheard of amount of money from small, individual donors

Transiting Saturn formed a square to his Sun in April, coinciding with his losses in New York, Maryland, Delaware, and Connecticut.  Transiting Uranus will oppose his Venus in May, which perhaps indicates a shakeup in his campaign staff – or possibly more protests against the establishment by his female supporters.

Transiting Uranus will conjoin his Mars in June, and transiting Jupiter, his Sun, so it’s unlikely that he’s giving up his fight and that there is still room for him to maneuver and take more delegates.

The North Node will join his Sun in July, and Pluto will form an exact trine to it in August as Jupiter forms a sextile to his Ascendant and conjoins Neptune. The Democratic Convention is July 25 to 28, so the Sanders’ wing of the Democratic Party will have a significant influence of the platform.

On a less fortunate note, solar arc Pluto will oppose Sanders’ Sun in August.  I suspect the Democratic National Committee will look to seek its revenge after the convention.  However, no matter what happens in this election process, Sanders has started a movement that will move into the future.

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