Sun in Aquarius

Aquarius is a fixed air sign.  His key words are "I know."  He rules the ankles and circulatory system.  He's associated with friendship, group activities, and at his highest level, the brotherhood of man, symbolized by the water bearer spilling out life force and spiritual energy.      

Like all air signs, Aquarius faces life through his intellect, but through his Uranian rulership ideas come to him in moments of inspiration that appear like a lightning flash.  He's a mental pioneer, who's individualistic, creative, and inventive.  His interests lie in anything new, different, and out of the ordinary--whether it's people, places, or ideas.  He doesn't care about the past or tradition.  Aquarius believes in breaking down boundaries and moving into new territory.      

 Aquarius is friendly and outgoing.  He enjoys meeting people and easily fits into new social surroundings. He values friendship and exchange of ideas with a wide variety of people.  He has many friends--and he counts acquaintances as friends--for his different interests.  He accepts people for the way they are, and the more unusual they are, the better he likes them.  But he has two prejudices. He can't stand stupid people, which he differentiates from unlearned; and he can't stand conservatives.     

Yet Aquarius himself is hard to get to know.  He relates to people through his intellect, not through his feelings, which he has trouble admitting he has.  (Everyone has a Moon.)  He views the world from a detached perspective that borders on coldness and can't understand when others don't do the same.  As long as he's being honest, he doesn't think his behavior should upset anyone. 

A female Aquarius, upon asking her lover to move out of their apartment, couldn't understand why he was upset when she started seeing other men before he had left.  She had been honest with him; what more did he want?  He, being a Taurus, had a very different perspective.     

It's easier for Aquarius to have relationships with groups of people than to relate to one person.  In love affairs, as in the rest of his life, he does not want to be fenced in.  His freedom means more to him than any person, and a lasting relationship must be based upon freedom of choice and separate identities. 

Also, Aquarius will not give up his friends, including those of the opposite sex, for a lover.  As an air sign, he does not see sex as a primary concern; but he does believe sex to be a natural extension of friendship, so lovers can become friends; friends can become lovers with or without a romantic attachment.     

Aquarius' liberal ideas make him appear open minded and easy going, but he's a fixed sign who's stubborn about his ideas and his belief system.  On one hand, Aquarius is a humanitarian.  He swears by freedom and individual liberty for all.  On the other hand, once he adopts a belief system, he's so convinced of its truth that he wants everyone else to believe it too.  His loyalties to his group, where he usually can be found in a leadership position, can be so strong that he dismisses all those who disagree with its philosophy, all the while preaching freedom of thought and liberty.  He may love mankind, but he has difficulties with individuals.       

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