A Time of Change
Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn

To understand the present, we look back to the past.  In 2020, we have Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, all in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus.

The last time Saturn and Pluto were conjoined in Capricorn was 1518.  Uranus was also in Taurus.  This is around the same time as German monk Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg, beginning the Protestant Reformation.  Luther believed that we are saved by God's mercy and forgiveness and not by good deeds or by following Jesus. 

Salvation comes by faith and only by the decision of God. He rejected the idea that the Church and priests held special powers.  This was heresy and threatened the prevailing European order of the Catholic Church.

John Calvin, founder of Calvinism and contemporary of Luther, was the second wave of the Reformation.  Calvin believed that once people have been saved by God, those people cannot lose their salvation, no matter what their actions.  If God has chosen someone, no mere mortal can thwart that choice.

Much of today’s Evangelical movement stems from the Calvinistic Protestant work ethic—the belief that hard work can make anyone successful and that success was predestined by God.  In this view, success differentiates those destined for heaven and those who are not. 

In a different part of Europe and in the more “material world,” Spain and Portugal were in intense competition. The Pope divided the world between Spain and Portugal in 1493.  At the time spices were the epicenter of the world economy. 

Portuguese explorer Magellan had approached the King of Portugal to finance an expedition to the Spice Islands travelling westward but was refused.  In 1519 he convinced King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain to grant him the money for an expedition.  Magellan’s voyage became the first to circumnavigate the Globe.  

So in essence, from more than one perspective, this conjunction in Capricorn can be seen as changing the world order.  The Evangelical Movement in the US has its beginnings with Calvin.  And perhaps Elon Musk or Sir Richard Branson are today’s Magellan.

 It is interesting to note that the last Saturn – Pluto conjunction that occurred in 1982 coincided with a severe recession in the United States, Ronald Reagan’s presidency, and the advance of conservatism.  The Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution failed to pass, with the Christian Conservatives taking credit.  The Cold War accelerated.  Supply side economics was championed. 

This, in combination with Reagan’s breaking the air traffic controllers’ strike, was the harbinger of income inequality, which has accelerated over the last forty years.

So today, we revisit these issues.  A Cold War, now with China, is brewing.  Income inequality can no longer be denied.  Religious issues regarding the separation of church and state are at a crescendo.  And those without power are challenging the status quo.

Jupiter along with Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn, a conservative sign.  Capricorn symbolizes authority and looks to the past for inspiration.  As in the Puritan ethic, no handouts here.  You get what you earn, no more no less.

Jupiter is the planet of values.  In Capricorn Jupiter’s values consist of hard work, success, and achievement.  Pluto always brings out the dark side of a sign.  Pluto’s entrance into Capricorn coincided with the 2008 financial crash and the rise of nationalism.  The dark side of Capricorn is authoritarianism.  Authoritarian regimes have popped up all over the world, with some disguised as populism.

Saturn, the task master of the Zodiac rules Capricorn, and is very comfortable here.  But Saturn and Pluto together can also coincide with further repression.  Jupiter is usually seen as the planet that brings all good things, but Jupiter is the planet of expansion.  If it relates to something that is good, Jupiter can make it better, but if it relates to something bad, Jupiter makes it worse.  That’s pretty much what we see today.  It also may further explain the rise in popularity of some of repressive regimes, some of whose citizens long for a past that is no longer viable.

To make matters more complicated Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto form a square to Eris in Aries.  In mythology, Eris is labelled a trouble-maker, the goddess of strife.  According to Hesiod, she was a daughter of Night, and the mother of beings who cause misfortunes. Eris threw the apple into the assembly of the gods instigating the Trojan War. 

But I have a different view of Eris.  Let’s not forget that even in mythology, powerful males (in this case, gods) placed the labels.  Daytime, the domain of men ruled by the Sun, was seen as favorable, but nighttime, the domain of women ruled by the Moon, was seen as evil. 

Interestingly enough, you can find Eris prominent in the charts of women who either found their way in a man’s world or who stood up to the power structure.  The 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote in the United States passed on August 18, 1920, following Eris’ Retrograde station on June 25, 1920 at 29 Pisces 28.  0 Aries is the world, which affects world changes.  It’s sad to say, but women are still fighting for rights today.

Eris, now square to Pluto, asserts her influence once again with the rise of the Me Too and Black Lives Matter movements—those without power “causing trouble” for the power structure.

In February Ceres, another goddess, conjoined Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn and formed a square to Eris.  I associate Ceres with Mother Nature. These aspects are coincidental with the spread of the Corona Virus, which can be thought of as Mother Nature’s revenge for man’s destruction of the earth.

The spread accelerated in March when Mars (the god of war) conjoined Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, and all formed squares to Eris.  This contributed to already simmering hostilities, which erupted in late May after the death of George Floyd by police officers on May 25.  At the time protests erupted, Mars had entered Pisces moving between Ceres and Neptune.  Pisces is generally the sign associated with the powerless.

Moving forward in the Zodiac, Mars entered Aries on June 27.  It turns Retrograde at 28 Aries on September 9.  During its trek through Aries it will square Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto and conjoin Eris.  The first of these squares begins with Mars Direct on August 4 square Pluto.  Mars moves forward, turns Retrograde at 28 Aries on September 9, and then repeats those squares in September and October.  Mars Stations on November 13 and once again conjoins Eris and forms a square on December 23 to Pluto in Capricorn.  Then Mars moves into Taurus and forms squares to Jupiter and Saturn, then in Aquarius, and conjoins Uranus in Taurus. 

Look for a very volatile time beginning in August.  Despite the protests and conflict that has already occurred, it’s likely that we haven’t seen anything yet.  Conflict between the far right and the far left will reach a crescendo. 

The presidential election is likely to be contested. In October Mercury turns Retrograde in Scorpio and moves back into Libra.  It turns Direct on November 3 at 25-54 degrees Libra forming squares Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, and an opposition to Eris.  The last time Mercury was at a station on an election day was 2000, and we all remember what happened then.

While the most immediacy of the volatility runs though September and October, it doesn't fade until Mars has passed it conjunction to Uranus in mid-January followed by its conjunction to Jupiter in late January.

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