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Joyce is the President of the NCGR Boston Chapter and the Chair Pro Tem of NCGR. 

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Course on the Astrology of Relationships 
5 weeks Starts Tuesday, January 17, 2017

All relationships reflect the relationship we have with ourselves. Emotional and psychological patterns in the birth chart enhance or inhibit relationships.  A relationship with another person can only bring forth what an individual is already like.  This talk identifies relational patterns and needs and how to assist clients (or oneself) in working through inherent difficulties.      


Synastry with another person should be considered after a significant understanding of how two people function on their own is established.  Synastry is defined more as synergy than whether or not the aspects are harsh or favorable. 


Whether you want to be a professional astrologer or you want to use astrology for your own personal use, this course will help you better understand yourself and others.


An added bonus is that this course will help you be more effective in personal and professional relationships. 


Cost $175  To register, send a $50 deposit to Joyce Levine, 2353 Massachusetts Ave #91, Cambridge, MA 02140


 For  questions:  e-mail or call 617-354-7075.


NCGR Conference
February 16-19, 2017
Hyatt Regency Inner Harbor Hotel
Baltimore, MD
An international astrology conference with some of the world's best astrologers.
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JOYCE LEVINE has 30+ years experience as an astrologer. She has been a certified professional by the American Federation of Astrologers since 1979 and is a certified consultant by NCGR , the Clerk of the National Council for Geocosmic Research and an Advisory Board Member of its Boston Chapter, and a past President of the New England Astrological Association.  Joyce is an internationally known author, teacher, lecturer, and consultant in the fields of astrology and visualization.