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Course on the Astrology of Attraction, Love, and Separation

5 weeks Starts Tuesday, April  4, 2017



This class focuses on the astrology of attraction, love, and separation.


It covers astrological patterns that enhance and those that inhibit relationships, what brings couples together, and what has the potential to tear them apart.  Examples illustrate the effect of transits, secondary progressions, and solar arcs at particular timeframes.



Cost $175.  To register, send check deposit check for $50 to Joyce Levine, 2353 Massachusetts Avenue #91CambridgeMA  02140.  For questions, email or call 617-354-7075.


  Joyce Levine has 30+ years’ experience as an astrologer. She has been a certified professional by the American Federation of Astrologers since 1979 and is a certified consultant by NCGR.  Joyce serves as the Chair of NCG Rand the President of its Boston Chapter, and is a past President of the New England Astrological Association.  Joyce is an internationally known author, teacher, lecturer, and consultant in the fields of astrology and visualization.  She is a monthly guest on the Bradley Jay Show on WBZ-CBS radio.



Cost $175.  To register, send check deposit check for $50 to Joyce Levine, 2353 Massachusetts Avenue #91, Cambridge, MA  02140.  For questions, email or call 617-354-7075.




Lecture/Workshop Topics
1. Pluto – Death or Transformation?
2. Relationships & Astrology
3. Secrets of Astrology Chart Interpretation
Overcoming Astrological Obstacles & Psychological Obstacles
Predictive Astrology Techniques
Secondary Astrological Progressions
Working with Astrological Transits
Cycles of Aging

Learning from Saturn
Family Astrology – How and Why We Get Along
Astrological Synastry – Or How Can I Relate To You?

12. How to Make Mundane Predictions
13. Psychological Needs Based Upon Elements and Quadruplicities
14. Getting to Know the Planets
Getting to Know Neptune
Composite and Relationship Charts

17. Astrology and the Kabbalah
1. Pluto – Death or Transformation?

Getting to know Pluto--the only planet over which we have no control. Pluto's cycles coincide with dramatic life changes that strip away what 's no longer meant to be and, willingly or unwillingly, return us to our essence.

This talk provides an understanding of how the Pluto process affects individuals and the collective and shows how its cycles bring what has been previously unconscious, or suppressed, to the surface. It illustrates how Pluto's transit of Scorpio differs from that of Libra and Virgo and how its transit of Sagittarius will differ from Scorpio. Pluto, now moving faster than ever before, ushers in a new age.

2. Relationships & Astrology

All relationships reflect the relationship we have with ourselves. Emotional and psychological patterns in the birth chart enhance or inhibit relationships. A relationship with another person can only bring forth what an individual is already like. This talk identifies relational patterns and needs and how to assist clients (or oneself) in working through inherent difficulties.

Synastry with another person should be considered after a significant understanding of how two people function on their own is established. Synastry is defined more as synergy than whether or not the aspects are harsh or favorable.

3. Secrets of Astrology Chart Interpretation

The birth chart is a complex picture of a person's life potential. This talk gives a step-by-step approach to interpreting astrology charts that focuses on the way people actually live. Astrology chart Interpretation shows how to discover a person's priorities, talents and abilities, work and money-making capabilities, how he/she interacts in all relationships, and any problems that arise in any of these areas. It goes on to show how to assist clients in working through problems indicated by the clients' value system, not the astrologers.

4. Overcoming Astrological Obstacles & Psychological Obstacles

The astrological chart shows the sum total of a person's life potential. In addition to inherent abilities--the things one does well naturally--each chart has inherent obstacles that can thwart happiness or success. Problems stem from incompatible needs as defined by the planets, astrology signs, and astrological houses and from difficult aspects from the outer planets to the inner ones. This talk shows how to identify conflicting astrological & psychological needs and provides practical insights as to how to overcome them. Lecture or workshop.

5. Predictive Astrology Techniques

Accurate predictive work requires an integration of various astrology techniques. This talk defines transits, secondary progressions, solar arcs, and midpoints. It shows how to use each of these methods for best results in predictive astrology, whether that predictive astrology is psychological or event oriented. It demonstrates how to combine the use of these astrological methods in forecasting life's cycles and events.
(If this is an ASTROLOGY WORKSHOP, it shows what to expect from the transits of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto to natal planets and midpoints).

6. Secondary Astrological Progressions

Secondary astrological progressions, or approximately an ephemeris day for a year of life, provide a better tool for psychological understanding of the astrology chart than a predictive astrology technique. As planets move from one sign to another or change from direct to Retrograde or Retrograde to Direct in motion, an individual's psychological makeup and needs change.

7. Working with Astrological Transits

Astrological Transits of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto to the birth chart represent major turning points in a person's life. This talk spells out the meanings of these astrological transits in terms of event orientation and psychological and spiritual understanding. It goes on to show how the same astrology cycles affect people differently depending upon the make up of their birth chart. Lastly, it shows how to interpret differing astrologic cycles occurring at the same time in a person's life. The participants will come away with a better understanding of how to make astrologic predictions, whether those astrology predictions are event oriented or psychological.

8. Astrological Cycles of Aging

Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto cycles occur at defined periods of life, making change or adjustments inevitable. Uranus opposition Uranus somewhere between 38 and 42 is the rallying point for mid-life crisis. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, this crisis is more difficult than ever, being complicated by Neptune square Neptune and Pluto square Pluto occurring closer together than any other time. This talk focuses on how these astrology cycles influence individuals and the world at large.

9. Learning from Saturn

Saturn is the planet of discipline, duty, responsibility. It brings a person what he has earned--one way or the other. This talks focuses on the lessons of Saturn in the natal chart and by transit. It shows how to determine whether a Saturn transit is likely to provide a just reward for hard work or a punishment for what's been done wrongly or left undone.

10. Family Astrology – How and Why We Get Along

Family dynamics, astrologically speaking, include both shared and dissimilar planetary traits. Certain astrology sign, planet, and aspect patterns tend to show up in members of a family. These astrologic factors represent "inherited traits" that get passed down from generation to generation. Dissimilarities of these astrological factors make it difficult for family members to feel as if they belong. For instance, a predominately air sign child can have difficulty communicating in a household where water signs predominate.
or can be combined with ASTROLOGY LECTURE on RELATIONSHIPS

11. Astrological Synastry – Or How Can I Relate To You?

First, it's necessary to establish an understanding of how two people function on their own. Each person has his or her own style of relating. Synastry compares astrology charts. This shows how people interact with one another, whether their relational expectancies are likely to be met, and what growth may be needed to maintain connectedness.

12. How to Make Mundane Astrological Predictions

Cities, towns, and countries have birth charts just like individuals. The astrology chart of a president, prime minister, or dictator of a country, or the governor of a state, or the mayor of a town reflects not only that person's astrological cycles, but also what's likely to occur within the country, state, or town they govern. This talk shows you how to combine the birth chart of a place and its leader to make accurate mundane astrological predictions.

13. Psychological Needs Based Upon Elements and Quadruplicities

The balance of the elements and quadruplicities in an astrology chart set up fundamental psychological needs. Fire, earth, air, and water signs face life from different perspectives as do cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs. Understanding this balance within an individual provides a key for accurate chart interpretation

14. Getting to Know the Planets, Astrologically

All planets function within material, psychological, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. This talk provides an understanding of how each planet operates within these dimensions and how, in turn, this affects an individual's life. Beginners will learn planetary meanings and more advanced astrologers will gain new perspectives.

15. Getting to Know Neptune

Neptune enhances one's spiritual longings, sympathy, compassion, universal love, creative urges, and idealism. On the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah, Neptune is associated with Kether, the most spiritual point on the Tree, the closest to Heaven. Yet, here on earth, Neptune frequently contributes to fog, illusion, escapism, and victimization. This talk shows the potential Neptune holds for humanity and the pitfalls to be overcome in order to reach this potential.

16. Composite and Relationship Charts

This talk reveals how composite astrology and relationship astrology charts affect interpersonal relationships. It shows how these astrological charts fill in missing material from the comparison of birth charts. Then it demonstrates the use astrological transits, astrological progressions and directions to these astrology charts in the timing of relational events.

17. Astrology and the Kabbalah

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life denotes God's descent into man and man's ascent upwards. The Sephiroth on the Tree of Life correlate with planetary energies and provide insights into the deeper meanings of the planets as well as how to uplift human consciousness.

This talk discusses the meaning of the Tree of Life from a spiritual perspective and correlates its meaning with astrology. It also shows how to balance psycho/spiritual problems based upon the Tree

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